Monday, November 4, 2013

Thuggin Mc. Duggin.

What's up with yall?! We had one fantastic week this past week. Stillwater is being way to good to us. Its one of those areas that you would be find to stay in the rest of the mission. The ward is so awesome and everyone is so willing to help us. They are all missionary minded and just easy to have a good time with. I love them all. I was talking to Elder Reese about it and I am just amazed at how much there is still left to do in Stillwater. We are finding so many amazing families that want to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ every single week. There is never an hour that has gone by the past 6 months that we have not had something to do. I miss tracting to be honest, so sometimes we set sometime aside to tract the really wealthy areas...reminds me of Edmond :)

I have been thinking ALOT about love lately. I am beginning to recognize more and more the importance of having love for others and allowing ourselves to become more like Christ every day. The formula is simple. We must have faith in His atonement and trust Him and His promises to us and we must be humble enough to repent and change and do better. Humility is happiness. When we are humble, we allow ourselves to be shaped into a "being" that has a greater capacity to feel Gods love and then reflect that love to others...which will ultimately result in more happiness. Simple. I heard a great poem in a talk I read this week by President Monson....
A bell isn't a bell until its rung
A song isn't a song until its sung
The love in our heart wasn't meant to stay
Love isn't love until we give it away
The sure sign of becoming Christlike is love. That is the crowning characteristic of God. God is love (1 John 4). True love is a reflection of Christ's love. We cannot have this love unless we are humble and meek and lowly in heart. (Moroni 7) The reason I have been thinking about this is because of missionary work. 90% of what we teach will never be remembered again the next day. We are terrible teachers...we can teach correct doctrine, but it is only God who can change hearts and help others make commitments to change and bring their will in alignment with His. All we can do is testify of correct principles, invite and then help them feel Gods love by our reflection of Christ's attributes...most importantly humility, patience and gentleness. I look back at my life and all the times I have had a desire to change was not something that someone taught, it was simply because someone made me feel wanted, appreciated or loved and helped me see my potential as a Child of a perfectly loving/forgiving Heavenly Father. Ours is the responsibility to just love like He loves us. 

I feel like I just recited a Beatles song, but its truth. All we need is love. :) 

So transfers are coming up again. I am hoping that I get another transfer here with Elder Reese. That would put me at 7.5 months in longest area. Wouldn't mind that at all. This week we have alot of traveling to do. There are some problems in our Zone so we will be in a threesome almost all week with another missionary. Should be a good time. Then we have some interviews in Enid and then we have Mission Leadership Council in the city. Can't wait to be in the car all week ;) siiike!! Sorry, I should get rid of my working at it. 

Well, hope yall are happy. I love all of you mucho. :)

Take care.

Elder Dallin Cutler

it was elder lloyds bday. cupcakes!!!


the bros. on the bro-ad trip. 

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