Monday, November 18, 2013

Just keeping it simple.

Shawnee is a whole new world let me tell you. It has a lot of native american heritage and a lot of poor people. The ward is definitely not as good as Edmond or Stillwater but they all have good hearts and are doing their best with what they have. The Zone I am in is living below their potential and are satisfied with it. Its been a hard transition from going to the Zone with the highest numbers in the mission and the area with some of the highest numbers in the mission to the complete opposite basically. It will be a good test of patience and humility for me. It will definitely be a lot of building slowly but surely :) I keep getting impressions that I am here to learn a BIG lesson, it makes me nervous, but in the end, it's always worth it!! I just hope its not simliar lesson to Mustang hahah just kidding :)
My companion is Elder Moore from Seattle, Washington. I was his Zone Leader while I was with Elder Salmon in Yukon and I think I actually sent a picture of him at one point. One of the most impressive guys I have met. Humble, loving, patient and postive are all attributes that perfectly describe him. He is the complete antithesis of me and so it should be interesting. I am more dominant, prideful, to the point and blunt and he is not. I have much to learn like I said. We get along great and have had an amazing couple of days so far. Slowly finding people to teach. I really am super excited for this area :)
Also, on Saturday we had another baptism in Stillwater that I was able to make it up for. This baptism meant alot to me thats why I am mentioning it to yall. This is a lady we found when I first got to Stillwater and we taught her for 6 months. It was a very long patient process from start to finish to say the least. It was so amazing to watch her enter into the covenant of baptism. We asked Bishop Holyoak to do it. She is native american. Her name is Stpehanie Stiff. I love her to death!!
Well I gotta get going. Sorry its so short and general always...know that I love yall.
Elder Cutler

annnd....lest we forget. THE BROS. best time ever. love em.

miss this fellow. Clifton legrone!! #inTHEflesh

The Queens!! I love this family so much. I will miss them tons.

this is quentin, mary and viola. Viola will be baptized soon!!

this is a family we found 3 weeks before we left and started etaching them. amazing family!!

can't forget about the Diaz family and kids. i will miss them alot

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