Monday, November 25, 2013


Hope...what a powerful principle. So positive, opimistic and enthusiastic. I love that word so much and have come to love it so much more recently. I love Christ's teaching of becoming like a child. A child is so quick to believe and trust and hope for things. I sometimes wonder what makes us as a society so faithless, negative, hopeless and dreaery!! Life is good and there is so much to hope for because of Jesus Christ. Why wouldn't you hope for it....what else in life is there? :)
That's kinda what I have been learning this week as we have gone through some pretty difficult trials, and not the trials yall face...but just missionary trials. Hakuna Matata :)
This week we had a general authority come to our mission for a mission tour. Elder Cardon and Sister Cardon of the Seventy came and visited us. I was already pretty aqcuainted with them because I had met them a year ago in the Edmond 3rd ward. That is the ward their family goes to. It was good to seem them again and also hear Elder Cardon teach. He teaches with simplicity and power. Something that I notice is how often general authorities teach through their own experiences they have had. It is so important to record our experiences so that we help others learn different principles we have learned through our own experience. They are always the most powerful because they are relevant to life. So that was good!! Its always good seeing the whole mission and those youhave served with. Bretheren in the Lord ;)
It is getting pretty cold around here. Its not the cold that yall think...this wind CUTS right into everything you are wearing no matter what. It is terrible, but I'd take it over the heat anyday...there comes a point where it gets too hot and you just cant cool down but you can always get warm :) Me and Elder Moore went on exchanges with the assistants this week so that was pretty cool. They like to be assistants and so its always a good time :)
Well I gotta get going. I wish I could write more. I wish I could take some time and tell you about the miracles I am seeing out here. God speaks through His Spirit and when we listen to it, we invite miracles into our lives. Stay hopeful and positive. I love you all!!
Elder Dallin Cutler

Elder Salmon to my left. He comes home December 1 and Elder Moore (my current comp) to my right. He goes home in a couple months.

my brother inthe Lord #loveHandles

papa reeseeeeee #StillFordaysss

Elder Trahsdahl...he was in the MTC with me. baller

this is elder chavez.... he is an amazing missionary up in blackwell

freezing cold #fatWinterFace

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