Monday, October 28, 2013

demons, ambien and haircuts

This week was the craziest week of my mission. So much went down. Fastest week ever. We had two sketchy incidents, Zone Conference, exchanges, and FINALLY for the first time in 3 years....i got an actual haircut...not from myself. :)
Zone Conference was thursday and President threw down on obedience. He loves the Doctrine and Covenants which is really cool to me because I am not as familiar with the Doctrine and Covenants as I am the Book of Mormon or New Testament. He gave us a great perspective to remind us the importance of obedience, something that I struggled with before my mission and hated. I have come to love obedience, I have realized that is the only thing that we can control, our obedience or disobedience to God. Me and Elder Reese gave a training about teaching and finiding. Our foundation was this "You can lead a horse to water by teaching correct principles and correct doctrine but the Spirit is the element that gives the horse the desire to drink from the water and internalize the Gospel of Jesus Christ". My companion is a thug at art...he drew a legit picture up for the training. I love being in this companionship because now we can put words to illustration and it makes everything so much cooler. I will attach a picture of what we came up with.
So we came home from a long night after Zone Conference and checked our mail and found a letter in our mailbox from "someone special" to Elder Cutler and Elder Reese...on the back it said p.s you guys are the hottest mormons I have ever seen p.p.s don't let it get to your head...we opened the letter and read it...#lol... thought it was from the other elders pranking us. Well we found out it wasnt...Things that happen on your mission, I'm tellin ya. So hopefully it doesn't happen again otherwise we will probably get transferred out earlier. Classic.
Then on friday we got out at 10 am and had two teaching appointments in a row before we went and did exchanges and met up with the Guavins. Well the 11am one feel through so we went back to weekly plan because we hadn't had a chance to do that because of so many appointments. We got a text from the director of the institute giving us a name and a number to call. We called and this guy told us that he was baptized a long time ago, fell away, got ahold of a Book of Mormon and wanted to be taught again and come back to church. We were pumped. He told us to meet him at the intsitute in 10 minutes. Got in our truck and drove over there and met him. When we went inside and he started talking my stomach dropped. Weirdest feeling ever...just very dark. Then he starts going off and is not making any sense. He started talking about how he wanted to be the next prophet and how the spirits in the institute were all around him and just a bunch of other things. This guy was trippin. Anyways, the institute director told us to bring him in another room and keep him busy while he called a Bishop in Yukon to ask about this guy. As we were talking with him alone I have never felt more uncomfortable in my life. I asked how many drugs he had done that day and it was more than enough...he started talking about how Jesus was standing right next to us and how yesterday he had talked to the Prophet Joseph Smith in spirit. We stood up and asked if he would like a blessing. We gave him one and during the blessing we felt something. It was like a twitch of our whole bodies and then it left and it was peaceful. He stood up and gave us a hug. Unfortunately this guy had skitcefrenia so we had to ask him to leave because of his past, but it was a very weird experience, one I will never forget. The power of the Priesthood was seen that day for sure. He has called us three times every single day since that and we are not allowed to answer our phone.
We also got to see the Gauvin family that day. Man i love that family. We all went to Chilis for lunch and it was just so good to see them again. Can't wait to come back and hang out with all of them when I am a normal person ;)
Don't have enough time for any other stories but something I have been thinking about is love/charity. I call it love when I mean charity, but thats because I don't like the word charity for some rebellious reason... ;) haha Moroni gives a great description of love and what it means when we have a portion of it. I have been thinking about how charity and repentance are intertwined. They feed off of each other. The greatest commandment is to love God with all of our strength...well as we are filled with more love and use the Atonement to change our natures to become more Christlike, our capacity to love God and others with all of our strength is enlarged aka repentance. Its cool to learnd about how the Atonement is all that matters. All else is an appendage. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Endurance is all we need to focus on. It will solve all of our problems. We don't need cool programs or cool apps to change us. We need the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The hardest thing is just remembering that sobering truth.
Well hope all is going well. I am loving life with Elder Reese. He's a great missionary and he's from California so its chill ;)
love yall
elder dallin cutler

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