Monday, July 1, 2013

Hashtags and juice.

,It's a cool subject so I thought I'd just do it. Whatever.
This week has been legit. It has been frustrating, exciting, stressful, hot, busy, funny, spiritual, and full of miracles...normal. I have hit a point on my mission where it would be impossible to be more tired. I have accepted the fact that I will be this way for another year, and it will probably get worse when I have a family of my own. I wish I would have slept more when i was younger.
We had a baptism this past weekend for Lonnie Olive. He is the man. He is such a funny guy and is always joking around with us. He has had 3 strokes in his life so its hard for him to speak, which is why I feel so humbled everytime he chooses to pray to His Heavenly Father. The Lord has strengthened this man so much. He is an inspiration to me about what it takes to do the Lords will even if we have difficulties doing it. He is about 50 years old and a member named Brother Ross ran into him. Ever since that we had been teaching him and now he is the newest member of the Stillwater 1st ward. I know that the Lord has big things in mind for this man. The baptism was really spiritual...shocking i know...and i will attach a picture of it.
The other miracle that I want to tell you about was a lesson we taught this week. One of the most spiritual lessons I have ever been involved in. We are teaching a guy named Rob. He is a really really cool guy...sometimes too cool. Anyways, he is extremely busy and works really hard for his family. This week we asked if he had been reading in the Book of Mormon and the Bible and been praying... (i've come to realize how truly important those things really are). He said no because he didn't have time to do it. The Spirit taught us all an important lesson after that. We were straight up with him. I told him about a story in my life where I forgot God and "didn't have time for him" and then made the statement, "Do not EVER be too busy for God". We talked about what that meant and read out of Mosiah 2. The Spirit was tangible and we were all emotional by the end of it. Well the miracle part comes next. He wasn't planning on coming to church this sunday because he was leaving out of town on sunday and had to get his whole family ready for the trip. Well we get to church on Sunday and Rob walks in. He comes up to us and says "You know, i have been thinking alot about what we talked about the other day about sacrifice and making time for God, and I want you to know that I do not have time to be here right now, but I am here." I was shocked once again at the dedication he had showed God. He taught me a huge lesson that day.
Even in times where we "don't have time for God" are we "there". Are
we there where God has asked us to be even when we don't have the time? Are we there doing what God has asked us to do even if we don't have the time? Are we there feeling what God wants us to feel even if we don't have the time? How much do we love God? Do we trust Him enough to sacrifice the things of the world that lull us into carnal security? I hope I do. Its a process that I am striving everyday to become better at by yielding to the enticings of the Holy Spirit and allowing the Atonement to strengthen me. i hope you will too. We ALWAYS have time for God.
Well I love you all. There have been some pretty amazing things happening around here. I wish I could tell you all about them but I know you are experiencing you're own tender mercies wherever you are. I pray that you will continue to recognize them :)
Remember the Gospel is true, but apostasy reigns. ;) #presGardner

Elder Cutler 

                                                      It's cool though.

    is this a National geographic picture or an "Elder Cutler and White productions" picture?

                                                                   lonnie again

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  1. Thanks for all the work you Elders are doing in Stillwater; great things are happening! (Thanks for the hashtag shout-out, too :P )

    Pres. Gardner