Monday, July 22, 2013

Over The Hump

This week had to have been one of the most legit weeks ever. God showed His power for sure!! So the focus has been finding the elect. We have been finding way to many people to teach and seriously it was becoming a problem because everyone we would talk to in the store, in the elevator, on the street and even in the bathrooms would want us to come back. A lot of them though are not willing to do what it takes to sacrifice and change their lives to become closer to God, so those are the people we have been praying for recently and God definitely answered prayers. People out there are searching for truth. So it all started with an Elephant and a poem about 3 blind men. We took an elephant and cut it into pieces and asked people to pretend that it was a real elephant and asked them to describe what each piece of the elephant felt like. When handling the trunk, people described it as "snakelike" when describing the ear the described it as "flat" when describing the foot they said "thick". Each person was describing truth, but what does an elephant really feel like? No one will ever know unless you have the whole elephant to look at and to describe. Thus, a restoration of Christ's church had to be had and all truths had to be restored. It has been a huge success around here.
First story, we were visiting some less actives and they bailed so we talked to all their friends and we met this lady on her doorstep who expressed interest after talking about prophets. Long story short, SHE HAS NEVER BEEN BAPTIZED and she has lived in Oklahoma her whole life. That was a first. She said she had been waiting for a restoration. She believed in prophets. We taught her on her doorstep and she is now set to be baptized. Pretty cool.
Next story, me and Elder White have been going on splits alot lately because we have had to many apoointments to cover. So I went with the Elders Quorum President on thursday and we went to visit some formers. Well we found out that she had died and didn't live there. The lady we talked to was about to shut the door, but we asked if we could say a prayer for her. We asked if there was anything specifically in her life we could pray for and she said her son. We prayed and it was a spiritual prayer. I said some pretty weird things that just kinda accidentally came out. We looked up and she was crying. We told her that she was feeling God's love for her through His spirit. We then asked if we could come share a message with her and she said "i would love that". Well we went back on Saturday and she accepted everything. God knows and loves all His children.
Third story goes back to the beginning of my mission. My first week with Elder Hanes we were biking to an appointment that was about 15 miles away and it was pretty hot. We just decided to stop at a random blue house on the side of the road and ask for water. Turns out that they were members that were moving soon. They hadn't been to church for 30 years. Well long story short, one of their sons moved in and this family's name was the Sharps. I thought nothing of that blue house for the first 5 months of my mission and for good reason too I just found out. Well anyways, the day right before I left Edmond the little Blue House on Danforth Rd. popped into my head. So I took Elder Byrd to the house and introduced him to the kid that answered the door. That was the last I heard of it until this week. That family was baptized this past Saturday. 5 of them. During the 5 months that I had thought nothing about that family, they had been to Utah and back and had been meeting with missionaries over the phone who were preparing them for the missionaries in Oklahoma. They were being prepared for Elder Byrd and Elder Nelson, and my job was not to teach them. The Lord knew that. What a miracle!! I attached a picture of them. I finally met the parents for the first time this week. The Lord is so powerful and works so mysteriously. We gain little insights into His work as we are patient and trust Him.
There are so man other stories from this week but I don't have time to write them. All i know is that FAITH is key to everything we do. It is the principle of action and power that is mostly  dormant within each of us. Everything we do in this life is propelled from faith. If we did not believe that we would reap, we would never sow. If we did not believe the light would come on, we would never flip the switch. Why can't we make it that easy with God, even if you can no more then desire to believe, let that desire work in you. Have faith and YE SHALL have POWER to do WHATSOEVER thing is expedient in Christ. God showed us that this week. This ward is on FIRE. We taught 12 lessons in 12 different members homes with 12 different investigators and taught 23 lessons with a member present. We found 10 new investigators and set 4 more baptismal dates. Faith is building and this ward has taken the Lords challenge to raise the bar. Miracles are resulting.
I love you all!! Be happy and have faith!! If there was anyone to put trust in,  I would put it in a perfectly loving, perfectly knowing, perfectly perfect being who is our heaven.

Elder Dallin Cutler :)

we like to fish. 

the man himself.

daily lunch reading sessions with elder white.... ;)

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