Monday, July 15, 2013

Baptizing the "hell" outta Oklahoma.

So this past weekend the highlight had to have been Rob's baptism. He is THE MAN!! I wish I could describe to you in detail how much change has taken place. The power of the priesthood and fasting has been manifested through this guys conversion. He has smoked his whole life, drank his whole life and just lived a life outside of the gospel for sure. Well we went to him Saturday after receiving an extremely strong prompting and said "Rob, we know it is Heavenly Fathers will that you quit smoking tonight so you can be baptized in a week". That was last Saturday. We gave him a blessing on Sunday and he did it. He was baptized on Saturday and brought his whole family to the baptism and then to church the next day. Truly we witnessed a miracle. Faith was built in all aspects. We asked our ward mission leader to Baptize and confirm him and that was the first time he was able to do that. It was such a cool experience!! He is now moving towards the temple and we will hopefully be teaching his family soon. God is a god of miracles. Who would have thought?
So much has been happening out here in Stillwater. We are working hard and it is really hot always. Our Zone is now the youngest zone in the mission. Almost every companionship in our zone has a new missionary that is being trained. So much faith and love from these young missionaries.
My mind has been on the power of making and especially keeping covenants. We are a covenant people. It takes sacrifice to build strong faith. It has given me a new perspective on life. Life was never meant to be easy. Christ never had it easy. He sacrificed His all. Why wouldn't we be willing to do the same? What is holding us back? If we are not willing to sacrifice and consecrate our ALL, we will NEVER be able to produce the faith in Christ that is necessary for our salvation. Sacrifice and covenants are crucial. We must remember them.
Well, life goes on. One more year and I will be home. Its scary to think how fast time has gone, but its humbling to see what the Lord has done with so little time. Our "time" is irrelevant to God, He has His own timing, and its perfect.
Keep on enduring.

Elder Cutler

p.s this is rob and his family.

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