Monday, July 29, 2013

"Cast not therefore away your confidence"

This week was a mountain and we are still climbing. It was one of the hardest weeks of my mission but I didn't think I could learn so much in one week. It seems to me that each time I feel like I am just beginning to scratch the surface of understanding what Faith is, Heavenly Father brings me to a whole new level and I have to start from my foundation. And that's where everything rests. Our foundation of faith must be centered in Christ and His promises, or else our power to endure trials will slowly crumble.
We were rejected this week like I have never seen, we were mocked, we were laughed at, we couldn't get in anywhere to teach and everyone of our baptismal dates dropped out of nowhere. It was pretty classic. BUT, we were happy. :) And in the midst of all the hard times, we had the Spirit with us and in those times where we have the Spirit with us and feel God's love, it matters very little what each one of us suffers, "compared to the glory that awaits us" (Romans 8).
So where do we start? As missionaries, as parents, as sons and daughters, as bros? Where do we need to go back to when doubts arise? Where do we need to look to when times get hard? Life is about doing hard things that make us uncomfortable, otherwise, there could be no growth. Heavenly Father provided a solid base though to which we an all start. "And neither at any time hath any wrought miracles until after their faith; wherefore they FIRST believed IN the Son of God". Once we come to a knowledge (of the truth) of Christ as the Savior of the world and His divine role as the Son of God, then we will have a sure foundation to which we can then refer to no matter what we go through. Then we can begin to believe Christ and His promises which will be a process of coming to know Him which will then enable us to access the power of His atonement to help us endure anything. Then comes the hope. No matter what, we KNOW that what we go through, Christ went through. No matter how hard life gets, we KNOW that Christ can provide rest. When we lose loved ones, we KNOW that through Christ, we will see each other again and be resurrected. When doubts arise that test our faith, we KNOW that Christ lives and that "He will come to (us) He will not leave (us) comfortless" (John 14). That's where everything rests. Our foundation of faith must be centered in Christ and His promises, then we will have "power to (overcome) whatsoever thing is expedient in Me" (Moroni 7:33).
So even though it was hard and it was hot, we knew through prayer and the Holy Spirit, that God still loves all of His children. He will never forsake us. That's His promise and we have faith that it is true, therefore we will continue to "cheerfully do all things that lie within our power"...
Be happy!! We are loved by a God. #legit
Oklahoma is dope, faith in Christ is necessary, prayer is powerful, and God loves you all and so do I. Write me!!

Elder Cutler

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