Monday, August 5, 2013

Single Eye's

Going to the temple this week was much needed. Revelation is so real. It happens and God will reveal what we need to know in order to continue to repent and grow. It will be very uncomfortable to change when He does reveal it though because there is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.
Well this week I was humbled again. I have been such a terrible missionary. My attitude has been wrong. My vision has been eschewed. I was doing things for the wrong reasons, and God loved me enough to show me my weaknesses. It hurt when I first recognized it, but I am so glad it happened. It all clicked. What does it mean to keep an eye single glory to God? If we can all master that mindset, our problems will seem trivial compared to the glory that awaits us.
The Lord taught me I needed to work harder and to get over myself again and get to work for His glory and His alone. These people are important. They are His children and they have the ability to choose. However, that doesn't give me an excuse to not work hard. The past two weeks have been really really rough as it relates to missionary work. I learned what it means to struggle in the Spirit and to wrestle with the Lord. It is a struggle to overcome your natural man tendencies to doubt, to have a short term perspective and to be selfish, "but the Spirit indeed is willing". We all know that God lives and that He will never leave us "comfortless" but how do we "KNOW" it? It is a constant battle and struggle to keep our faith high and to remember the promises God has made us if we endure well. That has been on my mind. Faith in Christ will literally solve any problem that we experience in this lifetime, but ONLY if we rememeber the promises that He has made to us if we have faith in Him. That is why it is so important to do the little things and read our scriptures to bring us to "a remembrance" constantly.
This week was great though. Hard but great. We are teaching two Muslims who just moved from Iran. They have become our best friends haha it is so hard to communicate with them. They are reading a Farsi Book of Mormon and they showed up at church. Legit. We also had so many miracles happen at Church and beforehand. The Lord always provides. There are so many people out there who are ready to turn to God. I truly love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know He died and rose from the grave 3 days later so that we could all LIVE. What greater promise is there? What else matters? Always remember...
I love yall. Be happy and do what God wants, there's no reason to not to :)
Elder Dallin Cutler
p.s this picture is with Elder Roundy and Elder Prewitt. I went on an exchange up in Blackwell, Oklahoma. Good times. 

service opportunity in blackwell with e roundy my man

blackwell exchange 

some girls in blackwell made us a cake while we were there for #TheFlood

applesauce and water. my diet. 

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