Monday, August 19, 2013

Fixin' to tell yall' bout the deal.

Classic Oklahoma talk, let me tell ya. Life is so good. God is so good to us all. Trials are the greatest, when the foundation of Faith in Christ is embedded in our hearts. This past transfer was the hardest of my mission. Constantly getting dropped, doors slammed, and just trouble with a lot of people who just want to be annoying to missionaries, but, I feel like i have learned the most on my mission during this trial. I have come to appreciate the simplicity of the Gospel. Fasting, prayer and humility with an eye single to the glory of God will qualify anyone for the work that God has for that person. It will allow us to exercise faith unto repentance so that we can keep covenants and receive and be sanctified by the reception of the Holy Ghost.
But as for the good news, me and Elder White get ANOTHER transfer together!! We were pumped!!! That makes about 4.5 months together 24/7. We aren't complaining, its been a bro night in a spiritual way the whole time ;). He has been in Stillwater for 3 transfers and I have been in Stillwater for 2 and we get another one now. We are excited. We have probably one of the youngest zones in the mission. Everyone in our zone is training a new missionary except one companionship. We have a total of about 24-26 missionaries in our zone. Young blood is the best. So much faith and excitement. We are excited to learn from these new missionaries. Stillwater is blowing up!! School is starting so everyone and their moms are here in Stillwater. It just so happens that our institute of religion is SURROUNDED by sororities. Nice try nick. Stillwater is one crazy place. Gotta love it. :)
So one cool experience that we got to have this week was to teach one of our investigators in a jail cell. It was pretty legit to see that the Spirit can be anywhere. Probably the first time in the history of Oklahoma Mission that we had a member present lesson in a jail with an inmate. First for everything right? 
Last story is about a guy named Clifton. He is one of our good friends out here. We met him at the beginning of last transfer and have been teaching him ever since. He is such a cool guy. Total and complete change about him and you can physically see the change in his life. He has done some really difficult things in his life recently to change it and it has really strengthened me to see him doing it because he has relied completely on faith and prayer. It has been a miracle to get to know him and to see how he is affecting our lives and the lives of so many other people. He is planning on getting baptized within the next weeks.
Well i would send pictures, but my camera is out of batteries and batteries cost alot of money, and I am a broke missionary. Stay classy and remember who you are and where you came from. Children of God. WOW! If we only prayer is that God will continue to teach us patiently so that we will begin to remember what that truly means. :)

Elder Cutler

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