Monday, December 3, 2012

Pictures - 12.3.12

I love to see the temple...i am going there someday...maybe a little sooner than i'd imagined....

goodness time goes by quickly. I can't believe 2013 is coming up and i will be 20? what? heres some pics, we got to go to the temple this friday. BREATH OF FRESH AIR and I learned a TON! 

this guy is my best friend out here. I love this kid to death. elder ravsten is our district leader and we are so similiar. we will be in the same district another transfer because we are both killing our comps.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE PRIMARY OF THE HIGHLAND 13th ward!! I love you guys!! That was the coolest present i could have ever recieved!! I have them all hung up!!!

elder white again. gingers do have souls.

still swoll as ever...

this girl is AMAZING! she was in my district in the MTC. shes a was really awkward taking a picture next to her. i felt really uncomfortable. haha

and then of cute little companion from idaho. :) <3

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