Monday, December 3, 2012

Get lit. - Email 12.3.12

We got lit this week. If there was ever a week where people hated missionaries, this was the week cause we got stomped on! hahaha!! It was so sad to see all these people just walk over us and drop us like we're hot (which we are and stuff)....but anyways, to put it simply, God taught us many lessons this week. I am so grateful for it. 

We met a lot of interesting people this week. For some reason tis' not the season to be happy. We felt like every single person we talked to just wanted to fight or argue or be rude with us. We don't do that stuff, we are just there to help people and teach and invite, if they want to bash, I just tell them "I love you, but we don't want to bring in contention between us" and if they don't stop, then we just say we have to leave. We met this one dude, man he had it out for us. I walked up to Him and asked if we could give him a card real quickly. He said "sure you can give me whatever you want". So we started talking and all of a sudden he started yelling at me about how I am not christian. He said that mormons aren't Christian and I told him of course we are!! We asked what His definition of a christian was and he couldn't tell us. Poor guy just wanted to fight. Anyways, I told him "look we love you brotha, but we aren't here to argue with you, we want to teach you a little bit about what we believe and then you can decide for yourself if we arent christian." Then he started yelling at me that "You don't love me you liar or else you wouldnt be telling me about Joseph Smith!!" and I lost it!! I just started cracking up!! hahaha man, i just can't believe how many confused people there are out there. He was such a nice guy and I wish we could've kept talking but all he wanted to do was argue so we just had to walk away. Anyways...

We had a family who was scheduled to be baptized soon drop us completely and tell us to not come back again. Then another family did the same thing, and then another couple did the same it was really hard. We really learned to love all of them and to see them not want to accept the truth was really hard emotionally I guess. The best thing about it all was the lessons we learned from this week. 

1. Prayer is very real and very powerful. When we pray, our answers will be answered always. 
2. Fasting, when done right, works miracles when combined with prayer. 
3. We must put ALL of our trust in God. That doesn't mean just means you trust Him with everything. Become consecrated to Him. When we do that, He will provide for your needs. 

Let me tell you that this week in Oklahoma was difficult. We all have difficult times and we all go through our own struggles, when we get on our knees and leave it up to God and go to work, then He will guide us. He can't direct us if we aren't willing to move in the first place. God has given us so many tools to help us increase our faith. Do all the little things first and the bigger things will result. I promise that. Continue to learn to love, love is a gift from God and when we ask for it, He will enlarge our capacity to love those people who sometimes may be so hard to love. Pray to have your faith increased and to be able to love more fully and deeper like Christ and God love us. When our love becomes as pure as theirs, then we will experience a happiness unparrallelled to anything else. 

I want you to know that I love every single one of you guys. I really do and I can say 100% that there is no hate or grudges in my heart, I really truly love you all. We are all God's children, we are all "worth the trouble", and we should act like it. :)

Well, til we meet again ;)

Write me!! Christmas is coming up ;)

Elder Dallin Cutler

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