Monday, December 17, 2012

Another transfer gone - Email 12.17.12

Wow, I can't believe how fast time has gone...Done with the twelve week training program and am on to my 3rd transfer out in Oklahoma. I feel like I should still be in my first couple of weeks. You don't get the hang of missionary work....ever...partially because the Lord humbles you and partially because the Lord humbles you.

So anyways, Elder Jacobson left me today. He completed all 2 years of his mission. Crazy, it was so weird to send him home. Glad I am not in his shoes, phew ;) And if you're reading this elder jacobson, you are one of the worst drivers known to the human ya man :). So I am getting a new companion this wednesday and his name is Elder Bird, or Byrd...not really sure yet, but he is a youngin just like me. He has only been out for one transfer and I have been out for two. Then in our district, there is Elder Ravsten who has been out for 3 and then he is also training a brand new missionary. Not too much exxperience, but we are all excited because we know when we put our trust in the Lord and His work, He will teach us and guide us to "those who will receive us". The key this transfer is to "get the lid off". Here's what I mean.

So I heard a story in the MTC about fleas (you can also look this up on youtube: fleas in a jar). When you put a bunch of fleas in a jar without a lid on them, they will jump right out. If you put a lid on them, they will hit the top of the lid and after awhile, they will learn that it hurts and they will compromise and jump just high enough to where they don't hit the top of the lid. After they have compromised, when you take the lid off, they will continue to jump the same height as if the lid were still on. They won't jump out. The weird thing is that when those fleas have babies, there babies will also only jump as high as their parents as if the lid was on. However, if you put brand new fleas in the jar, then those brand new fleas will jump right out. What's the moral of the story? STOP PUTTING LIDS ON OURSELVES AND OUR POTENTIAL! Take your lid off and trust the Lord and His promise that "If ye have faith in me, ye shall have power to do whatsoever is expedient in me" (Moroni 7). Everyone always says, well if God wills it then anything is possible...well duh, He is God. Do we truly believe it though? Think about that, and then also think about whether or not there is a lid on your potential. If there is, exercise some faith and get that lid outta there!! Put your trust in the Lord and He will take care of you. He knows your needs and desires, all we have to do is put our trust in Him and ask and we "shall receive".

I know that the Lord truly loves and knows each one of us personally. He is looking forward to answering all of our prayers. I know that all things are possible unto Him. Just put your faith in Him and never "turn to the left, or right". Miracles will happen, its completely 100% okay to EXPECT miracles to happen. Believe!!

I love all you guys and I am excited for Christmas, what are you going to do to help someone else out this year that needs help? I look forward to hearing from you all everyday, don't disappoint and don't be lazy ;) haha jkkk!! Keep on truckin and remember "get the corn, outta your faces and take the lid off of your jar" GO DO HARD THINGS, go BE SOMEONE that the Lord wants you to be. :)


Elder Dallin Cutler

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