Monday, April 7, 2014


For my whole life, I have taken for granted the fact that we have living apostles and prophets of God. It wasn't until I came out here did I begin to appreciate the fact that, that was true. How blessed we are to have that happen two times a year. I have to keep this one short because we don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to give you a little highlight of the week.
This week went by quickly. I was on exchanges pretty much the whole week because we had an elder in our zone get injured pretty badly and he couldn't bike, so obviously he got to hang out with the fat kid in the truck all week ;). We had a great time together. His name is Elder Carter and he is from Pleasant Grove, Utah. He is 18 years old....haha crazy.
Tell you about a cool experience we had over the course of a couple of weeks. Two Saturdays ago, we had a member out with us and we were going to an appointment but the appointment fell through. We were on our way back to the car and were talking about his conversion story when suddenly we passed a family. I didn't want to interrupt the members story so we kept walking. But then, I had the feeling come back to chase that family down and talk to them. So I turned around and yelled, "hey, I want to give yall something, wait up". I walked over there like a fool and started talking to them. :) We asked if they had ever met missionaries, and they said that they had just moved from New Mexico and the missionaries used to always come over when they were young. We set a return appointment and waited. Fast forward to this past week. We went to the appointment and sat down and talked. They were Native American and were apart of the Navajo tribe. Little did we know that their dad was a member of the church and that he had passed away a long time ago. Their mom was baptized, and by the end of the lesson, they spilled the beans and told us that they had been baptized when they were younger. Now they had their own families and wanted to learn more. After our closing prayer, the sisters both looked at each other and smiled and said to each other "I think dad is in the middle of all of this". It was pretty cool to watch how the Lord worked with this family. I'm telling you, if you get a prompting, FOLLOW it no matter how dumb you look!! :) It's all worth it in the end!!
Well, I wish I could explain my whole week each week, but sadly time doesn't permit. Lo siento. Anyways, take care and remember this quote from conference. It was one of my favorites. "Who we are is not who we can become". #RealTalk
Elder Dallin Cutler

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