Monday, March 31, 2014

The Song of Redeeming Love

Life is short. It feels like we are in a dream a lot of the times. I think thats why Book of Mormon prophets always use the term 'awake'. When we are awake, we have a purpose and where there is a purpose, there is the opportunity for fulfillment and joy. The purpose of this life is to gain eternal life or to gain a fulness of joy. We are here to learn the way of eternal happiness and we know that the life of this mortal body is one breath away from being done. If we follow Christ and do the things He does though, we will have life that lasts forever. As we follow Christ, we are redeemed or changed in the process and there is no better feeling than knowing that you were worth redeeming to Someone. I love Him and I am so happy to know that so many of you back home are experiencing the 'song of redeeming love'. Keep singing it. :)

Much is going on out here. I had a couple of really cool experiences this week that I can share right quick. 

I had a thought come to my mind Monday night that we needed to go see an elder, but then I forgot about it and slept on it. Well tuesday morning came around and this elders name kept coming to me subtly and so I stopped in the middle of companion study and told e. Gardner that we needed to go visit this companionship in the city and I didn't know why. We called them and told them we would be coming. When we got there, everything seemed to be normal. We had some good times and we gave a short training on what we expected this transfer from the zone. Then all of a sudden a super random question came out of my mouth. I asked the missionary "Do you feel powerful?". Tears welled up in his eyes and he explained what he had been feeling the past weeks. He said "it's funny that you guys took the time to come see us today, because I have really been struggling". Long story short, he asked us to give him a blessing and as I gave him one, it was a powerful experience for me and him. He stood up and we both had tears in our eyes because we had learned something special that day. I would have never guessed that this missionary needed something but God knew. God is aware of our rough times and He knows our needs. Even though we had to cancel a lot of our plans and use up a lot of miles, we sought the one and learned very quickly again, that God knows who we are. He hasn't forgotten us and never will. God knows His children and if we will listen to Him we will be able to accomplish things over and beyond our own abilities. 

Second. I was in church this Sunday and we had a training in 3rd hour about temples. It wasn't the training that hit me hard, it was a bible video that we watched. We watched the bible video "Jesus Teaching in the Temple". I sat and watched this 12 year old Jesus teaching the doctors and professors. I imagined myself sitting at the feet of the 12 year old Savior of the world. What a truly humbling experience that would have been. How soon in His early child-hood did He realize that He was being raised like a lamb by His Father to be "slain for the sins of the world". Do you think He was overly excited about that thought? What do you think He thought about that? Can you imagine what kind of love He must have had for His Father and for us to keep His head up? Then I thought what kind of person He was at the age of 20. How do i compare to 20 year old Jesus? What would a 20 year old Jesus do in these situations? I invite you all, however old you are, to imagine what Christ was like at your age. Imagine the child-like Christ. Imagine how He must have felt growing up knowing that the world was literally on His shoulders. When you feel like you aren't important, when you feel like everyone criticizes you, when you feel like no one knows how much effort you really are putting into it, imagine the Savior world. Try and imagine how He must have felt. He felt it all, and He can comfort you. Go to Him by going to others in need. He will fill you with His infinite and healing love.

Hope you all are happy. I certainly am. I love you and am so proud of so may of you that the changes you are making in your lives.

Elder Dallin Cutler

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