Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow and finalization

Mornin' mornin' everyone!!

This week has been COLD. I didn't think it could get colder in Oklahoma then Boston. It was the coldest i have ever been. The wind chill and humidity cuts you to the core. Its all good though, we just pretend like its Canada, and go out with a smile in the snow and talk to everyone.....#WifePoints holla. Church was cancelled so that was a bummer, but we found so many people this week to teach. We found 3 families and a couple others. We are teaching about 45 people right now in Midwest City. Its been crazy. 

So I will be quick just for times sakes but everything is finalized for when I get back. I will be home July 18th and my homecoming will be the 20th. I got accepted into the University of San Diego this past week so it is now official. The season will start in the Fall and I will be heading back to San Diego for summer training late july or early august. It is unbelievable how quickly time has gone on the mission. It feels like home. I feel right now the way I felt when I was about to go out on a mission. I get so annoyed when missionary's use the term 'trunky' and pretend like they are not excited to go home. Whatever....if you work hard on your mission and endure to the end and leave it all on the field, then you will know that it is time for another phase of life. We aren't changing for our mission, we are changing for the rest of our lives. So yes, I am excited to go home, but yes, I am very nervous, and yes I am excited to work my tail off for the next 4 months. This work is legit. Aint nobody got time to waste around!!

So we had a lot of really cool experiences like usual. The mission is full of them. Something that I have been thinking about is intent of heart. Where are our desires focused? What is it that we truly desire when we get to the bottom of it. Are we fooling ourselves and wasting time in the world in things that will eventually end, or are we truly doing the things in life that will matter and do matter the most? I can't think of a better thing to be doing right now than following the example of the Son of the living God in our thoughts, words and deeds. There is no better feeling than knowing that you were an answer to someones prayer, no matter how trivial or small it may seem. That is true happiness, that is fulfilling the measure of our creation. 

I love you all. Ask God to lead you to those He needs you to make a difference for. He will if you sincerely ask. Go find the one. 

Elder Dallin Cutler

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