Monday, September 23, 2013

Thuggin in Stilly...

The subject is about a rap that was made about us this past week. It was such a funny rap. This kid in the singles ward wrote it about me and Elder White. I will try and send the video some other time of him rappin it. Classic.
I will start with one of the funnier moments of my mission. We went over to our ward mission leaders house last night. Their next door neighbor is a member and a non-member is living with her. We are teaching him. We went over to teach them in our ward mission leaders home. Well when we got to the door, the member walked out with a shirt on and what looked to be white gym shorts. She had just woken up was still pretty groggy. As I was walking over elder white whispers as he is laughing, "dude, those definitely aren't shorts"  Well we all walk over to the ward mission leaders house and begin the lesson and 5 minutes into the lesson we hear a loud "OH CRAP, I completely forgot to put any pants on" literally was the funniest moment ever. Apparently, she had just woken up. I couldn't stop laughing. So classic.
This week was amazing. I can't believe my time with E. White is coming to an end. We have had some very sacred spiritual experiences together that I will never forget. I have grown to love him like a brother. This week was busy like usual. We taught a bunch of lessons and I went on my last exchange with my "dad" in the mission. He's an assistant and so he came up and we had one last exchange together this friday before he goes home. Crazy to think that when i first met him, he hadn't even been out a year.
We had some really cool experiences with a couple of people this week. Gail is finally set to be baptized this Saturday if she can stay smoke free. Bob Prince is also being baptized this Saturday. That was a miracle in and of itself. He was found by a member in our ward hitch-hiking. This member took us over afterwards and we talked to him. He said that he had been taught by missionaries for a LONG time in Idaho when he was younger and that he would never believe in the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith. He didn't want to meet at first, but we finally convinced him to just sit down and talk so we could get to know him. The rest is history. God has done amazing things with him. He is definitely one of our good friends out here now. We love Bob.
Something that I have been thinking about a lot lately is perspective and remembrance. As missionaries, I will be the first to admit that we don't live a normal life as it relates to schedule. We teach all day. We don't have jobs, we don't go to school and we don't have social lives...we are weird. BUT, the principles we are learning and teaching are eternal. The question is, how do we take what we learn everyday and apply it. How do we take the habits we form and change our natures forever? I see so many returned missionaries out here that have just gone back to regular life. In essence, they have forgotten. I have come to the conclusion that the key to spiritual growth and personal revelation is remembrance. Remembering the Lord will always keep us humble. All of us have had multiple spiritual experiences. These experiences when remembered can propel us through the difficult times. We must remember them!! We must remember "how merciful the Lord hath been to the children of men, even down from the time of Adam..." If there is one thing I will take away from my mission its this: The reason people are not happy, or fall away from the gospel or turn their backs on God is because they don't take control of these three things.
1. Take control of your prayers. 
2. Take control of your scripture study EVERY DAY.
3. Take control of your sacrament observance. 
Those three things will help us to ALWAYS rememeber Him and keep His commandments. It always is the simple things. We cannot be"slothful because of the easiness of the way" in other words, all we have to do is "look to God, and live". If only we weren't so slow to remember.
Welll yall take care. I love all you fools. Remember to have fun!! Be happy and do the right thing. Its the same thing anyways.
love yall

Elder Dallin Cutler  

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