Monday, September 16, 2013

mormons in hell...

We met this one guy this week. He was a baptist minister and we sat down and talked with him and taught him about the Restoration and how we believe in Christ. He told us we worship a different Christ and that we were the only people who would go to hell and that all others are saved. We laughed pretty hard because he was pretty sincere about it. Nice guy though for real. I sincerely love Oklahoma. Good times.
This week was pretty legit. We had some amazing miracles happen and Clifton was baptized and confirmed this past weekend. I have been in Stillwater for about 3 transfers and we are finally getting around in the community. It takes awhile but the network is growing. People are beginning to open up to us and realize that we aren't here to recruit. Stillwater has some of the best people around, not to mention...OSU...#cowboys...We are teaching just a bunch of families and people about Christ and His gospel. We are developing friendships with alot of the local pastors and preachers here in Stillwater as well. Our goal in Stillwater has been to bring Faith in Christ together.
We had a really cool experience with a Baptist Pastor last monday night. He is one of a kind guy. Humble, loving and God fearing man, someone I definitely look up to. We found him a couple of weeks ago and found out missionaries had been talking with him for 7 years. We sat down again this week and talked about the plan of salvation and about Christ's atonement and redeeming grace. We taught about conditional and unconditional grace. The Spirit was so strong, and we invited him to be baptized. After 7 years of investigating the church something clicked because he is now praying about it. He understood. Truth has an amazing ability to open up the mind so the Spirit can edify and teach us all.
The second cool experience was with a family we came in contact with a couple of weeks ago. The way we found this family was a miracle in itself. The Diaz family has found a special place in our hearts. They have 4 little kids and the have got to be some of the coolest kids I have ever met. We sat down and introduced the Book of Mormon last week and this week we have been teaching them about it and reading with the kids. The kids are ages 7, 8, 9, and 11. Three little girls and one boy. They all have read from the Book of Mormon each night and pray when we come over with them. Truly there is nothing more humbling and spiritual then hearing a little child pray out loud for the first time to their Father in Heaven.
Cliftons baptism was amazing. We were talking about it with him after and we all said that we would have never guessed after about 4 weeks that this guy would be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was truly miraculous. We are shooting for the temple for baptism before the transfer ends. He was definitely prepared by God. I feel the spirit so strong when I am around him. At his young age, he gets it. He understands obedience. That is hard to come by these days....especially at his age. There is a different light about him today then there was the first time we met him. He has changed.
There is so much good going on in the world. God is in control of it all and is smiling down upon us in love as we choose to obey Him and stand as His witness. There is no greater opportunity than to serve the One who loves us infinitely, perfectly and unconditionally. He lives and so does His Son Jesus Christ. I know it.
Take care of yourselves and be happy and smile. :) Here are some crazy pics
Elder Dallin Cutler

swag swag swag swag....ponca city.

clifton the man himselfff

it must've been a fat joke.

i've been with this fool for about 4.5 months 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. we literally know just about everything about each other. bros for life

dad, i know you appreciate this. we stopped and talked to this family and ended up holding like all their animals hahaha

we had a jam sesh last night with our investigator...we sang some soul music. so fun

elder lloyd!! been out two transfers. he is a solid missionary. from grace idaho!! #skinnygang

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