Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One year out.

Seems like just yesterday I entered the MTC. I can't believe how fast time goes when you're having fun being busy. I can't imagine what it will be like when I get home and have a family of my own. Makes me sick to my stomach to realize how short life really is, but makes me so happy to know that this life is just one dimension of an eternal "different dimensional" plan that our Heavenly Father is in charge of; so amazing. 
Anyways, I hit my year mark on September 5. I have learned a lot of things out here but a few i have come to love. 
1. God lives. He is very involved with our personal lives and knows the emotions we feel and the thoughts we think. He loves us infinitely and does everything because of His love for us.
2. Jesus Christ lives, and because of His Atonement He has the power to change us, if we let Him. His love is incomprehensible to us mortals. 
3. The Holy Ghost is a very real personage and is the means by which our Father in Heaven communicates with us. If we listen and seek Him, we will accomplish all God requires. 
4. Obedience is key to everlasting happiness, peace, knowledge and spirituality. Obedience sets us free.
I know these things to be true. I feel them so deeply. I know that the cause we are engaged in, in mortality is so much bigger than our puny one dimensional perspectives. We are involved in a multi-dimensional plan and we must trust that God loves us and knows what He is doing, when we master that, we will be happy, but that is a process and so is happiness. It comes line upon line. I also know that wherever we are in life, its only a chapter of something bigger. We must learn the lessons of these chapters and apply them to the rest of our books. In other words, we must change our natures, not just our behaviors. The Holy Ghost, if we let it happen, will penetrate our hearts and allow these lessons and principles sink deep within our hearts so they become embedded within us. We must change.
Well I will attach a few pictures so yall can see how phat I'm getting....sikeeee, we just started P90X...and I have been doing Yoga X every morning. Get. On. My. Level.... ;) Life is going great, never been better. Clifton is getting baptized this Saturday and Gail will be getting baptized next Saturday and then we have a couple more coming up. God is working miracles in Oklahoma. We broke the Oklahoma City Mission record ever for the number of baptisms in one month this August. In Oklahoma City mission history, we have never seen so many people willing to do the Lords will and accept the message of the restoration and its only the beginning. General authroites have visited and said that Oklahoma will be exploding within the next months and years, that it will become the "bread basket" for missionary work. The people out here are so Christ centered and genuine so it only makes sense.
I love yall, keep it real out there and just be happy. There is so much to be grateful for.
Love, Elder Cutler 

ps...the bottles are trophies, they're obviously not ours...haha

close up ;)

with the Bros night before transfers

again with the ponca city missioanries night before trainers meeting

on our way to ponca city one night for exchanges....#roadtripssss

the most dope picture of the mish. Preaching in the prison over the phone in the glass...yo

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