Monday, September 30, 2013

Break ups... :(

My last P.Day with Elder White. Sad day. We are finally breaking up after 4.5 months of 24/7 interaction. Talk about marriage. He is being transferred to Lawton with Elder jealous. But all is well in Zion, I am staying in Stillwater and my new companion is Elder Reese. He's a baller from San Clemente, California. We know each other pretty well so I am really excited to be with him. I always thought the hardest part about being a missionary would be bad companions. I have yet to have a companion I didn't love. I have been so blessed. I have come to find out that the hardest part of a mission is having alot of sisters in your zone, aka the relief society zone....(that was a joke, don't take it too seriously) haha :)
Anyways, the past three transfers have been so legit. Stillwater has been an amazing place. We have seen so many miracles. The mission is such a sacred experience. It's amazing how much you can learn when you are strictly focused on others for 2 years. Serving a mission has been the best decision of my life up to this point. It was hard to make at first because of all I "left behind", but I have learned that what I left behind that truly matters will still be there when I return. Sometimes we leave the good, for the best. Sacrifice really isn't sacrifice at all, it is an eternal investment. Only as we invest in eternity can we truly learn to be happy and truly learn how to love.
Well I am beginning to scratch the surface of a very deep principle. Love. I feel it for these people. I feel it for the people I serve. I think that God allows us to feel true love when we are involved in His work and His glory, when we are serving others. As we look outside of ourselves we begin to recognize the way God sees His children and once we develop that perspective, it's impossible to not love. I think its truly humbling to know that a Perfect Being who has no obligations to us, still loves us perfectly and is able to use our mistakes to create something better if we are humble.
This week we witnessed that humility as one of our dear friends Bob Prince was baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Its miraculous to see the physical change that takes place on someone who actually "receives the Holy Ghost" and then bears testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His atonement. He doesn't know everything about the "Church" and he doesn't know everything about God. He realized and still realizes that the people within the church are imperfect, but he decided to act on a particle of faith because he felt the Spirit testify of the truthfulness of the "Gospel of Jesus Christ" as it was restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith. He happens to be one of the coolest guys ever too. haha :)
But yeah, don't have tons of time, but I can't believe we are in the Holiday seasons!! Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas...mmm girl. I can hear myself getting fatter. Nom nom.
Take care and be happy. :)

Elder Cutler

p.s this is bob.... #beardGangOrDie

the classic bro pic....walking away into the distance.

we tried to make it work. kinda didnt

jamie murray baptized bob. 

The Diaz family!!! Coolest fam ever!!!

outta your mind...

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