Monday, June 3, 2013

Not so normal.

This week was so weird. Everything about it was not what I ever thought my mission would consist of. I got emergency transferred to Stillwater, OK with Elder White, we were doing tornado clean up all week, Elder Rasband did a short training for us, and the weekend was spent with a film crew from Salt Lake.

 So we got a call this past week from President Taylor telling us that the Quorum of the 12 was sending a camera crew down from Church Headquarters to film me, Elder Byrd, the Gauvins and the Edmond 3rd ward. We were told to be at the Gauvins on Saturday. Long story short, they filmed me and Elder Byrd interacting with the Gauvins, the ward mission leader, and other families in thh Edmond 3rd ward. That was for 6 hours on saturday. They filmed us teaching, talking, name it. Then we spent the night in Edmond and went to church where they filmed us in sacrament meeting and then afterwards filmed us walking around in the halls. They interviewed us, the Gauvins, and brother Eubanks right after church for quite some time. This footage will be showed really soon on Elder Nelson's worldwide training broadcast that will be translated into 66 different languages. The actual video will be about 4 minutes long, but the camera crew said that the rest of the footage will act as a sort of "District 3" but something new they will be trying with all the new wards. To be quite honest, I would have NEVER guessed that the Gauvin's conversion story in the Edmond 3rd ward would be heard around the world...the Lord truly works in mysterious ways and He has a plan. I will attach some pictures from the photo shoots and the filming.
Other than all that, we have not been able to spend too much time in our area. Our Zone is the biggest in the mission with about 24 Elders and Sisters and covers a lot of area so we have to do a lot of administrative work. Elder White is a baller. I love him. The Lord has blessed me with some amazing companions...I feel like I have been babysat my whole mission by some of the best people I have met my whole life ;) haha
Well I love you all!! Sorry I don't have too much time to tell you about my week. Never been busier!! Thank you for all your prayers and love, I seriously feel it. It's amazing!! 


dancin in the rain. sike.

this was part of the camera crew. they helped film all the "Districts"

the BUSHMANS!! love em

guess who we tracked down while in edmond!! MIRACLE!!

suh funnay

the most classic pic ever. missed this guy!

this kid from edmond 3rd writes me every week. His name is Carson Wilcox. I love him and his family so much!! so good to see him!!

the bros. Elder White and Elder Hanes. at the mission office after the filming. #glasses

Gotta love my Oklahoma mom and dad :)

in the middle of the tornado about to get in the shleter

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