Monday, June 10, 2013

Sleep is a tender mercy.

The first thing I will be doing in a year when I come home is take a day to sleep. The fact that I am able to wake up each morning is living proof that the Atonement is real and powerful and that it can drive us and enable us to physically and spiritually do things above our own capacity as mortals. Its for real.
It has been a tiring couple of weeks. On TOP of the missionary work that we do, we are doing tornado clean up about 3 times a week for hours on end in long sleeve, thick jeans and boots and gloves in 95 degree weather. We mostly lift trees and debris and pile it up and then burn it. I am losing alot of weight. That has been a blessing in disguise. ;) It truly has been amazing how the Lord can strengthen His "weak servants" to overcome the challenges and difficulties that seem physically impossible.
So recently we have been doing missionary work the most effective way possible. Some missionary's like to waste alot of time tracting and believe me I love tracting....but, there are better ways. "Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ" not to "invite only investigators and non-members to Christ". We have a duty to build up the Lords kingdom wherever we are. There are so many members and less active members that need to be invited to come unto Christ. Then, once they come unto Christ and "feel to sing the song of redeeming love" they will WANT to do missionary work because it is their duty and "perfect love casteth out all fear". The Spirit is an amazing thing and something that can strengthen our DESIRE if we let it. If we can help others build their desire to do missionary work through the Spirit, then that desire will outweigh the desires and tendencies of the natural man to be fearful or apprehensive about missionary work. All in all, the most important thing we can do in this life is to live in a way where the Spirit can always reside. Only in such an environment can spiritual growth be fostered so that we may "yield to the enticings of the Holy Spirit" and throw off the natural man "through the Atonement of Christ". What a great gift the Holy Ghost is.
So anyways, the "NETWORK" is what I have been calling it, is the way to do missionary work. There are so many different social media networks out there, but there are also so many social networks that can be used in missionary work. The Spirit works with and draws upon the knowledge that we already have. The Spirit will thus be more able to work with members who know their community and friends rather than missionaries who don't even know what's behind the door. It's a good better best principle. That's what we have been doing and it seems to be what the Lord wants, so we will "continue as we commenced"... :)
Other than that, I love the Gospel of Christ. I love it. It truly is the answer to all our problems. "All things are Spiritual unto the Lord", therefore EVERYTHING can be solved with the Gospel of Christ. We just need to gain that faith through experiencing it. It has been such a humbling experience to serve a mission. I can't believe how inadequate I feel, but I always remember the promise that I "can do all things in the strength of my God". Stay humble, learn to love, and expect miracles.
Love yall.
Elder Cutler
p.s #headbandgangordie

the crew again. driving to carney to do service again

the crew again. driving to carney to do service again

so beat

reunited with Roundy and this is elder platt. he's a baller

went on exchanges in ponca city and blackwell this weekend. dope!!

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