Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tornado's, Baptisms, Miracles. 12 apostles, and overalls...

This week was nuts. Just when me and Elder Salmon thought we couldn't get busier, it happened and surprise surprise, I am getting transferred to Stillwater, Oklahoma. We will be working on the OSU campus in the summer...no bueno haha. 

So this past week the biggest tornado people have ever seen destroyed Moore, Oklahoma where our mission home and mission office are located. Luckily everything and everyone in the mission was prepared and were all safe. The tornado happened last Monday while me and Elder Salmon were golfing...ironic I know. We could see the tornado in the distance because it was only about 20 miles away but we were told it wouldn't get us. When we got the call about how destructive it was, we put the golf clubs down and went to organize everyone and prepare everyone in our zone. Casual game of golf. Whatevs. 

So anyways, we got a text from president on tuesday to go buy boots and gloves and jeans, but me and elder salmon heard that we were supposed to buy boots gloves and overalls. ;) We were told that we could be called at any minute of any day to get down to moore to help with the clean up. Until we got called we went about our normal activities and taught a ton of people. Here was a COOL couple of miracles that happened.

So Wednesday we had a lesson planned for every single hour of the day. We taught for 9 straight hours and went from appointment to appointment. Thursday was the same thing, except we had a lesson with a new investigator that we found a couple of weeks ago. She is 85 years old. She lives with her daughter and her husband who are members. They are the VonTungeln's. Coolest family ever. So we went over to their house to teach Sister Tinsley for the first time and we sit down to teach and she ended up teaching us. She said "The first time i met you elders, there was a glow about you. You guys stand out and every time I am around you guys, I feel the Spirit. You have a different light from others." She went on to tell us that "I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet without a doubt in my mind and that the Book of Mormon is true. I have read it and I know he could not have made it up." Right before our eyes we were witnessing a miracle that had been in process for 85 years. The Lord had prepared this woman to meet us. She is getting baptized in two weeks and all we had to do, is open our mouths up and invite her to listen. Sometimes it's that simple.

Right after that lesson we went to an investigators house. We have had some struggles with this guy. Last week he dropped us and told us he would never read the Book of Mormon and he didn't want to come to church with us. We stopped by anyways. When we got there, he had a friend over who lived next door who we were also teaching. When we walked in the environment was terrible. Horrible music and they were all smoking and it was just a nasty feeling. We asked them if we could study from the Bible because he wouldn't study from the Book of Mormon. So we started reading out of James chapter 3 about faith and works and obedience to God's commandments. We asked them what they could do in their lives to be more obedient and what they could give up. Corey started to open up to us and told us that the reason he wouldn't read the Book of Mormon was because when he read it, he had a feeling that kept pushing him to read it and he didn't like to be pushed. He told us it was constantly on his mind and that it was getting annoying. We taught him about the Spirit again and told him that's what he was feeling. At this point, the spirit in the lesson was the strongest I have ever felt it in my mission. It was surreal. Long story short, by the end of the lesson, they were teaching each other about baptism and the Book Of Mormon and they both committed each other to be baptized on June 15. Once again, all we had to do was to help others feel the spirit and miracles happened. "Teach the gospel, use words if necessary"...

We also had three baptisms this saturday!! Pedro and Alvaro Huerta and then Adrian Holley! they are the coolest kids ever. I will send pics later. It was really cool to witness those three baptisms!

Last thing was the cool news that we got about the Gauvin family and the 12 Apostles. Remember how I told you guys about my encounter with Elder Andersen when he visited a couple of weeks how he knew me by name and that I played soccer? Well turns out that Elder Andersen told Elder Nelson about all of that and Elder Nelson is now spotlighting the Gauvin Family and the conversion process in his worldwide broadcast training about missionary work that is being translated into 7 different languages. The Gauvins are now being prepped for camera crews who will be here all this week to film their conversion process. Members in the Edmond 3rd ward are being contacted by Salt Lake because many people were involved in this process. I am SO pumped for all yall to see the Gauvin Family and the Edmond 3rd ward interviewed in this broadcast. Truly, it was a miraculous experience that I am so blessed to have witnessed. The Lord works in mysterious ways. The Gauvins will now be a light in helping bring to pass many many other conversions throughout the world. All because one ward decided to come together for the Lords work and exercise a particle of faith. Truly amazing. 

Well it has been a crazy week filled with a whole mix of emotions. Serving with Elder Salmon has been such a blessing this transfer. I have learned so much from him and from the people I have met in Yukon. Not to mention the prank they pulled on me last week. Long story short, i ended up eating 4 Calf Fries (cow testicles) not even knowing what they were. I was disgusted when i found out. But hey, good story right? ;) 

i love you guys!! I have a testimony that miracles happen and that the Spirit is real and that God and Jesus Christ live. I know it and I love it. 

Love always,

Elder Cutler 

the night before the tornado. this is a wall cloud.  

this was a neighborhood we were assigned to at one point 

this was a hospital. leveled.

this is a house we began to clean up behind us. 

the news doesn't do the damage justice. 

this Pedro and Alvaro huerta. Cool kids. One is a rapper and the other is a soccer player!!

this is adrian holley

after some tornado clean up with the bros. 

i love elder hanes. good times always

some of the fellow misioneros. love em all!! we we were dead tired that day!

My brother. We saw SO MANY miracles this transfer. I have never had more fun on my mission then i did with this kid. 

   we did work with this guy. not a member. he came to work with us though. so cool.

Elder Bushman is from Arizona and Elder Peterson is from Logan Utah. Love these elders. 

sometimes you have to have a sense of humor after these things and realize how blessed you are. this guy did. 

Elder Winterton and Elder Peterson.  Winterton is from Pleasant Grove. 

This is the VonTungelns and Sister Tinsley. Sister tinsley is the one right next to me. Such a sweetheart. 

We have been staying with Brother Barlow for the past week cause our apartment has so much mold and I fell in love with his dog named angel. She tried to steal kisses from me every night. :)

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