Monday, April 22, 2013

This week.... - 4.22.13

This week was BY FAR one of the better of my mission. I feel so happy. My new area is LEGIT!! My new companion....just as LEGIT. He is a soccer player. His name is Connor Salmon and we have a BUNCH of mutual friends. He is from Orem, Utah and the kid is a stud missionary. We are having the greatest time together. We have seen so many miracles in this area, which by the way, has an AMAZING ward to go along with it.
We are splitting the ward with 2 other elders who are posted in El Reno. So there are 4 of us at dinners and stuff. We cover Yukon, Piedmont and another area and they cover some other areas... Anyways, it has been crazy busy. Always driving around AND we had a surprise visit from Elder Andersen of the Quorumm of the 12 Apostles (which i have a cool story about), Elder Soarez of the Presidency of the 70 and then Bishop Davies of the Presiding Bishopric.
Elder Andersen came and spoke to the whole mission but as he got to teh stake center, he wanted to have everyone line up and shake his hand and everyone else who I listed. I get up there and he stops me and so does President Taylor who is standing right next to me. I introduced myself and he said "So you are the soccer player that served in the Edmond 3rd ward huh?" and then he talked to me about it for a little and I continued on down the line and Elder Soarez and Bishop Davies were talking to me about Edmond 3rd and soccer and stuff. I was shocked.... Apparently they heard about the Edmond 3rd ward and the area and what had happened. That day he called church headquarters and asked them to come down and do like a presentation on it that will be featured in some training that is going on in the BYU channel. he said he was wating to get approval from the first presidency. Yeah, it was pretty nuts to say the least. Goes to show how freakin' awesome the Edmond 3rd ward is. I miss them like crazy. Elder Byrd is tearing it up down there.
As for me, I don't know why I attract the weird stories. We were teaching a guy this week in his appartment and long story short, I was too passionate with my sitting stance and the way i was talking to him because he flipped out and picked a chair up and was about to throw it at was pretty nuts. I apologized for the way I was sitting and he calmed down a was pretty funny.
One thing I want to say again is that miracles happen. We should EXPECT them. That is not wrong to do. It is what the Lord wants. But our faith has to match our desires. :) This week, me and Elder Salmon were on an exchange with two elders. He was walking down this road coming back home and some guy called out from a house "Be safe Elders". They didnt think much of it. Then the next day, me and him were in the same area and he told me about it and said that we should go we did. We walked up and he invited us right in. He started telling us about a dream that he had. He dreamt that he was in water and everyone was dressed in all white. He said the thing holding the water was being held up by 12 gold cows. He then saw a man dressed in all white at a pulpit and he wanted to know what it meant. I walked out of that lesson and thought Ashton Kutcher was going to show up and we were going to be featured on Punkd. It was legit. We will continue to teach him this week, but he is ready for baptism. So crazy.
Little things like that will happen in our lives, but not because we are above others...but because the Lord shows are willingness and dilligence in excersising our faith. If we do that, sometimes he just drops miracles like this guy in our hands. The Lord wants to be able to show how powerful He is through us, but He can only do it if we trust Him and work hard for Him. :)
I have such a strong testimony of that. I know that Jesus Christ is the redeemer of the world. He IS a ressurrected being. He lives...I KNOW it. I don't just believe it.
I love you guys and want you to know again that obedience to law is liberty....and liberty is happiness. Being obedient will only make us happy and when we are obedient, we are promised to ALWAYS HAVE HIS SPIRIT TO BE WITH US. What a promise.
Be chill...and read the Book Of Mormon. #celestial
Elder Dallin Cutler

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