Monday, April 15, 2013

Mi semana loca - 4.15.13

This week was a blur for sure. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to stay motivated when you know you have to start all over in a week or two. I don't like getting transfer doctrine early :) I leave for Yukon, Oklahoma this Wednesday where I will get to start in a new area with a new comp and a big ol' zone. We have about 7 areas in our zone and it covers a lot of ground apparently. Although our area (Oklahoma City 5th Ward) is in the City, the rest of the areas are in the boonies of Oklahoma. Should be a good time. 

This week I spent a lot of time in the city. I was at the Doctors and then Elder McMillan had to take a defensive driving course (cause he's from Utah and Utah drivers are THE worst) ;) It has been a good week though. We have done alot of walking and biking, until my tire got a hole in we just walk everywhere. It is really cool to do that because when you're out walking and in the middle of everything being observant to everything that is going around you, you are able to feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost and then act on them. This week I have been given promptings that have put me way outside of my comfort zone. Those are the HARDEST promptings to follow because sometimes you look like an idiot in the process. For example, we were driving down the street to an appointment when I noticed a guy walking on the sidewalk. It was kind of getting dark but he was just going for an evening walk. I had a strong feeling to turn around pull over and talk to him. I tried to ignore it once, but then I just swallowed my pride and did it. Elder McMillan always gets annoyed when I have these promptings cause he has to come with me and so we both look creepy together :). We pulled up got out of the car and I asked if we could just say a prayer with him. We did and it seemed to help and we got a return appointment. Little did i know though that he was a less active member already and that he had been struggling with things for a long time. Elder McMillan told me that when we got back into the car and drove off. It was a cool little experience that taught me about how much God knows His children and how a simple prompting can make a difference in the life of someone else. I am constantly reminded to stop worrying about what others think and do what God asks and prompts you to do. Thats all that really matters in the world and will matter in the worlds to come. 

I have also been spending alot of time studying the character of Christ and all of His teachings. There is no better place to look to then the New Testament for that. It's amazing how much we can learn from Christ and the example He set. I find myself being motivated on a daily basis to become better as I study more about Him and the love He has. Love is so important. Charity never faileth. The most amazing thing that I have learned from Matthew this week is what Christ knew. Because He knew these three things, it helped Him become who His Father needed Him to become.
1. He knew where He came from
2. He knew who he was FORORDAINED to be and that He was SENT by a Father in Heaven
3. He knew what awaited Him after He accomplished the Atonement
When we truly know who we are and where we came from and who sent us and where we CAN be someday....we will act accordingly. That is why personal revelation and prayer and scripture study is so important. Our Heavenly Father can teach us about who we were who we are and who we can become and then through the Faith in the Atonement of Christ, we can be changed and BECOME.  We have to do our part though. Seek and ye SHALL find. Everything all lies within our desires... :)

I love you all. If you are debating on going on a mission...just go. You can't go wrong. If you are debating whether or not the church is true, hold on to what you know is true and just simply believe. Stand firm on what you know and believe until you can know someday. Stay strong!! I love yall!!

Elder Dallin Cutler 

p.s the picture is of me and Myles. He is a kid we started teaching and is getting baptized on my birthday may 4th. He is legit. 

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