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This week. - 4.1.13

This week was a roller coaster let me tell you. I have never had so much fun on my mission then I have with these elders in my district. We have the greatest times for some reason. Gotta tell you a couple highlights of my week then I will get to the spiritual part ;)

So on tuesday we went to an investigators house named Tiffany, and we went over to teach her some more. She is so amazing, she knows alot and has such a strong conviction of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her kids are THE CUTEST kids I have ever met (no offense). But really, half of me goes over there just to be able to talk with her kids, they just brighten the rest of the week. Anyways, we went over there tuesday and she had asked us to move some furniture from the attic to her garage. Of course she asked us, the huge, built strong missionaries....sike. So we went up to her attic to get this super heavy dresser. Her attic was above her laundry room. You will need that info for later purposes haha. So me and elder McMillan lift this dresser and start carrying it towards the stairs of the attic when all of a sudden i hear a CRASH! All of a sudden Elder McMillan was gone. hahahahaha!! He had fallen right through the ceiling hahahah I dropped the dresser I was laughing so hard!! He fell right through the roof. I attached the picture of the hole. Man it was so FUNNY!! The best part of the transfer so far. I thought you only watched that stuff on americas funniest home videos hahahah!

Oh man. So this week was awesome. It is so difficult here in Mustang, i think that is why I enjoy it so much. It really FORCES you to depend on the Lord for everything. So many miracles have been happening recently. I will tell you one cool story that we had happen to us this week. It was a classic "follow the spirit" prompting/experience. So we were walking around and we make it a point to talk to everyone no matter how dumb we make ourselves look. Gotta get rid of dat pride right boys?! ;) So were were walking around our complex looking for a lady's apartment. As we were walking I looked up at the second story and a lady had opened her door and peeked out so see us. When she saw me looking she poked her head back out. She kept the door open but we kept walking. I felt impressed to go back and talk to her. But we kept walking...finally I just did it. We turned around and started walking back. I felt really awkward doing it but it's one of those things you just gotta do if the Spirit is telling you to. We walked all the way up the stairs and went to this open door and I just said, "I had a feeling to just come give you this card and talk to you". Long story short, she had been wanting to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ for a long time. She was so excited that we had come up to talk to her. We are going back on tueday to teach her. Just one of those experiences that was really cool. Following the Spirit out here is key. The Spirit knows all things and so when we let it guide us, things happen, but more specifically, God's will happens.

I have also learned the importance of submitting to God's will. Especially after focusing my studies on the atonement of Christ. 3 Nephi 27:13 is such a profound scripture.
Behold I have given unto you myagospel, and this is the gospel which I have given unto you葉hat I came into the world to do thebwillof my Father, because my Father sent me.
Christ came into the world SOLELY to do the Will of His father. We are commanded to be like Him. Our WHOLE purpose on this earth is to overthrow the natural man and become "humble, and submissive...willing to submit to all things, even as a child doth submit to his father" Mosiah 3:19. Overthrowing the natural man and submitting to God's will can be hard. Luckily Christ teaches "Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world". We don't have to do it on our own. Christ will motivate and push us through it if we let Him. We can cheerfully submit to the Fathers will as Christ did as we continue to apply the doctrine of Christ in our lives. Trust in the power of the atonement of Christ. Study it. Love it. Apply it. I am so grateful for it. Words could never decribe.

SO STOKED for general Conference. I think alot of us take it for granted that we get to listen to a PROPHET and 12 APOSTLES twice a year. So freaking cool!!

Things are going well!! The Lord is good and I love my district.

Yall are too kind ;) #CelestialKingdomGangorDie #yourChoice


Elder Dallin Cutler

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