Monday, March 4, 2013

Picture time. So many. - 3.4.13

Kara. enough said.

 This picture makes me tear up a little bit. it was so sad. this night we had dinner and it was the last night I thought i'd see them. the little boy in front of me as I walked out the door started crying and came and gave me a hug. then on sunday he came up to me and asked for my address so he could write me with tears in his eyes. I couldn't help but crying with him. this family is awesome. they are the wilcox family originally from ogden. they are members in the ED3rd ward.

This is my favorite part member family ever. mark to my right is not a member. He's catholic. well we finally got him to start reading the book of mormon and just after I said bye, he told me he would be getting baptized!! it was so cool!! so I will get to come back someday and baptize him!! sister dinges was inactive until we started knocking her door. her daughter harlie is a PAIN. :) but i love them so much!

Me and the Byrd man reppin the jewels... ;) last district meeting with my district

They wanted to do a "first presidency" picture hahahhaha

 at first he was my least favorite companion, now I love the kid to death. so many miracles this transfer

My district and then the zone leaders after the baptism on saturday. dopeeee. I knew elder henderson, the really tall one from BYU

This is the mower family in the ward. craziest family you will ever meet. love them

This is chase and demi. Demi knows nothing about christianity but will be getting baptized soon. chase is a member but is less active, I always give him a hard time about not getting to church.

This was last night. me and bro thomson chillin drinkin an ice cold...what...

I will always stay in touch with this family. The Thomson family. Rachael the girl next to me has the most AMAZING voice ever. it is goddess like. no joke. haha I love this family so much. they are in our ward too.

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