Monday, March 18, 2013

Funny stories and miracles. - 3.18.13

So I will start out with the funny one. :)

This week we went to an investigators house and his wife DESPISES us hahah it is the funniest thing ever. Anyways, she has one leg and is in a wheelchair. Just always mad and frowning. So me being super happy constantly, I tried to brighten her mood and failed miserably. I don't even know why it came out of my mouth. haha K so we walk in, and we say hi to Albert and his wife Agnes. We could tell that they were pretty sad about something because they just seemed down. We sat down and I tried to be excited and said "what's wrong guys?! its a beuitiful day!! is everything okay?!" Agnes then ripped me one and yelled "what the H*** do you think is you see what's missing?!" now heres the part where I am supposed to say, "no i don't" or "no what's missing"....instead, and I have no idea why I said enthusiasticly...."ohhhh your leg!!" hahah omg i got THE dirtiest look i have ever recieved. I was supposed to notice that their dog had died and was missing...not the leg. so basically, we will never be back there again. She was pretty pissed. hahahaha so FUNNY though. 

Anyways, so many good times out here. 

So on friday we had a bunch of appointments set in stone and members coming out with us to each one. Well, all 6 of them fell through and we had nothing to do. I was so frustrated that all 6 and 6 back up plans fell through. I got rebuked in the end though. So I decided to go back to the apartment and just pray. So we knelt down and prayed and asked Heavenly Father where he wanted uis to be. Then we whipped out a map and I felt that we needed to go down a street called Juniper. So we biked over there and on the way, i felt prompted to turn around and go down a different street. (it was called Hillcrest btw, yeah I know ironic). We knocked a house that stood out to me and this lady shut the door on us. so we walked back to our bikes and then her husband pulled up. So we walked up to him and started talking to him hoping this was maybe the reason we needed to be there. Turns out, he is very anti. And he yelled at us and told us how blind and stupid we were. So we walked away yet again back to our bikes to continue to Juniper. Well as we got on, his next door neighbor pulled up in his driveway and i was feeling pretty stupid. I didn't want to go talk to him and neither did elder mcmillan, but I had another feeling to talk to him. So we got off our bikes again and walked up to him. We started talking to him and he said, "you know what guys, this isnt a coincidence, i had been praying that God would show me my next step recently" he then went on to tell us that he started to believe in God after a feeling he got when he was 17. he described it as warm and chilling. Obviously the Holy Ghost. He then said, "guys I am getting that same feeling talking to you and its creeping me out". We identified it as the Holy Spirit and we are now teaching him and he has committed to baptism. 

Another miracle shows the growth of this area if we dillgently work and are obbedient. This area has always struggled because of disobedient and lazy missionaries. It had zeros and low numbers for the past couple of years. Well this week, we set 3 bpatimsal dates, had 15 member present lessons, 5 investigators at church, we found 10 new investigators and had 15 less actives at church. The highest numbers this area has ever seen. It showed us all how powerful the Lord is when we do the small and simple things like waking up on time, doing studies etc.

Another miracle. I believe very strongly in fasting and prayer now that I am out here. I fast every sunday and pray multiple times a day.  Well last sunday I was fasting and praying for families to teach because when i first got here we had like 3 investigators and they weren;t even very interested. Well we got to church and this random lady showed up who said she had been taught by missionaries before. She stayed for church and we got her address. We went by that night and I asked her "have you read the Book of mormon before?" and she said yes...and I just figured that meant a couple of pages. So I was like "how much" and she said " I have read it all and I know its true".... i looked at her kinda gawking... I asked her "wait, did you say you know its true?". She now has a baptismal date for april 13. man it was so cool.

I tell you all these things in hopes that you will realize how AWESOME and POWERFUL God is when we do the little things. He will always show forth His power if we excersise a little faith in Him. Our faith is manifest by our dilligence and obedience. 1 Nephi 7:12 rings true. 
 Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten that the Lord is able to do all things according to his will, for the children of men, if it so be that they exercise faith in him? Wherefore, let us be faithful to him.

I know that God is real. I know He answers prayers. I know He is able to show forth great power through weak and simple people. I know that as we are obedient and work hard to put our faith and trust in Him...There will never be a need to worry.

I love you guys! I look forward to hearing how you all are doing!!


elder cutler

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