Friday, November 2, 2012

Sup fooools. - Email 10.29.12

So I figured everything out!! It all makes sense!!! Proverbs 28:25 "He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat"... I am completely fine with becoming fat now. Dad, you must trust the Lord with all your heart. jay kay jay kay.
How are you all doing?! I want you to all know that you all are amazing!! Thank you for all your emails and support, it means more than you can imagine. Seriously.

So we had a baptism this week...actually yesterday. Chase was baptized, you will all get pics soon cause I sent them today. He is the MAN!! I love that kid!! He is one amazing guy at 19 years old to change His life completely and choose to follow Jesus Christ. His faith is amazing. It was such a cool experience. Everything else out here is dope!! Its cold, but I am hangin in there. ;) Look for my boy Elder King, he comes home next week ladies, just sayin...and he lives in Salem, Utah ;)
So this week was absolutely amazing. My capacity to love others has grown every single day as I try and look at people as they can become, not as who they are right now (just like President Monson said). This is my message to you all this week. Love one another as Jesus loves you.
Love/charity is the single most important attribute that one can have. It says in the scriptures, and all the prophets reaffirm this. "Charity NEVER faileth". We need to love...we need to serve those who we come in contact with. We need to forget ourselves and think about others. It is a commandment. When asked what commandment was the greatest He replied that the greatest commandment was to Love the Lord, God. The second greatest is to Love thy neighbor as thyself. They go hand in hand. We cannot love God if we do not love our neighbor. Anyone who has hate in your heart, anyone who continues to hold grudges, anyone who thinks about themselves above someone else...think about this commandment to love the Lord, God. How much do your REALLY love Him?
I have really learned alot about love this week. So many of us in the world today get caught up in the false definition of love which commonly gets confused with lust. Love is pure, love is unfailing, love is humble. We can develop this type of pure love of Jesus Christ, or charity, when we look for opportunities to "turn outward" instead of "inward". That is what makes the Character of Christ perfect. Instead of turning inward, He always turned outward. Do we do the same? Even when we are bearing our own crosses of the world? When we are in our own gethsemanes feeling lonely or forgotten or like there is no more we turn inwards or outwards? Obviously we are not perfect, but it is our goal, it is lifes journey to become perfected through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We can reach it eventually if we continue to follow Jesus Chirst's example and use the Atonement that He has given us when we fall short. It is okay to fall short, we all will, we all must in order to grow and progress. I challenge you all reading this to develop this kind of love. Here are some steps that you can take that I have been implementing in my own life.
1. We must first and foremost partake of the love of God by choosing to follow Jesus Christ (1 Nephi 11:22-23)
2. The holy Spirit can fill us with this "perfect love which love endureth by dilligence unto prayer" (Moroni 8:26). Pray for this gift. Love is a gift from God.
3. Go out and DO! Go out and look for opportunities to serve. Forget about yourself. God will take care of you, go be an angel in someone elses life!!
I know that as you do these things and strive everyday to be filled with this love, your life will be CHANGED and will help with your conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Learn to love. As we try to see people as they CAN BE instead of who they are right now, we will be able to develop this love one for another. When we have charity or love for someone, we believe and hope that the Atonement of Jesus Christ can change their nature so that they can reach their God given potential. We must change our outlook on how we see people. We are all children of the Most High, we are all His sons and daughters. You are a child of God, I encourage you all to think that way. I know if you do, you will become happier, so happy that I cannot put it into words. I feel a portion of that happiness and I cannot wait to continue to develop this love even more each day.
Anyways, sorry this was short, I have been super busy with alot of things. Please send me your addresses when you email me so I can write back!! :) Write/email me, i love hearing from you all! :)
Love you all!! "Be of Good Cheer" "This too shall pass"
Love always,
Elder Cutler

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