Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just another week of craziness!! - Email 11.5.12

This week was nuts!! Filled with miracles and learning. It really is amazing how fast time goes by when you lose yourself and just have fun and have a good attitude. That was the fastest 6 weeks of my entire life. Transfers are this wednesday and I get to stay in Edmond 3rd ward. I get a new companion because Elder Hanes is going Zone Leader in a city called Moore. I will be leading the area out and we have an exciting month ahead of us!! 

First of all, thank you so much for all your support. Thank you so much for all the letters I have received. I have been really surprised at some of you ;). haha I really do appreciate it!! ONE MORE THING: Send me pictures of you and me!! I love getting pictures!! 

So the beginning of last week me and Elder Hanes decided that because we would most likely be split up at transfers, we would work our butts off this week and leave it all on the table...kind of like a yolo moment...ya feel? Thats exactly what we did and I can testify to you that when we truly have faith and then go to work and trust the Lord, He will provide...whatever that provision may be :) Here's a cool story.

Tuesday night we went to dinner with a younger couple in the ward. On the way from driving us back to our apartment, a family was brought up who was less active. All of a sudden I had a feeling to go visit this family that night...don't know why but i did. So when we got home, a member from our church was waiting for us because he was going to take us out and teach people. He said that when he was driving that he had the feeling to visit the family that I got the feeling about too. So we went and visited them at their apartment. After knocking 3 times and no one answering, we were confused. We knew that the spirit had told us to go to this house, but they weren't even home!! Just as we were about to walk away, we turned around and a door on the opposite hall opened and he just looked at us. He started talking to us and right then, we knew why we had come to that apartment that night. Eventually he let us in and we talked with him and his roomates. Two of them were from the Ivory Coast and the other was from Uganda. They spoke english but it was difficult to understand because they had only lived here for a year. We set an appointment for when we could come back and teach them. Thursday came along and we went back to these guys. Except Elder Hanes wasn't with me, we were on splits with the Zone Leaders. So me and Elder Robison (one of our ZL's) went and taught these guys but only two were there. I can't even begin to explain how prepared these guys were. When we talked about the Book of Mormon and told them that it was another testament of Jesus Christ and His ministry in the Americas, their eyes LIT UP. They became so excited. They asked why they hadn't known about this their whole lives. They asked why anyone would turn down "more of God's word". We were so excited for them that they had felt the spirit testify to them that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and goes hand in hand with the Bible. We then asked if they would be baptized by the priesthood authority that Joseph Smith had brought back to earth through Jesus Christ...they said of course. They both are set to be baptized December 8th. What a miracle. I learned so much from the experience but the biggest was how much we take the Book of Mormon for granted and how close minded someone has to be to turn down the opportunity to read it. It truly is God's word. It testifies of Jesus Christ and just because we have the Bible doesn't mean that God is done speaking to His children. He has given us more!! You can know that the Book of Mormon is true if you just read it and pray about it like I did. You won't be able to deny its turthfulness after that. 

There are so many miracles like that one that happen everyday. The key is having faith that miracles will happen. It is not wrong to expect miracles to happen. They should be, God wants to work them according to our faith. "For behold, I am God, and I am a God of miracles, and I will show unto the world that I am the same yesterday today and forever and I work not among the children of men save it be according to their faith." (2 Nephi 27:23) If God can work miracles for Moses in the old days, then why can't He move mountains and part seas today? 

It really is amazing how this Gospel can change us if we let it. It changes our nature. It is so scary at how much I have forgotten about my old lifestyle. I really can't remember anything....It was so weird this week as I sat in dinner with a family that was asking about my life back at home...frustrating really, cause I sat there blank....I couldn't remember anything. All i could think about was the scriptures and Gospel related topics...I feel like I am turning into what I dreaded becoming before my mission....and now, I couldn't be more happier that I am. I love this Gosepl and Jesus Christ and the scriptures. I love being "weird" as to worldly things. Once we stop worrying about what others think about us and start worrying about what God thinks of us, then we will have true happiness, then we will begin to grow in ways we would've never thought of!! Don't take my word though, go out and try it, you have nothing to truly lose because anybody, or anything that you lose by trying to please God, is not worth a second of your time. :) Anyone who mocks you for your beliefs in God or your willingness to obey, or your willingness to be "different"/weird/ "in the world but not of it"...will regret it much later. That I can promise you. :) 

I love all you guys so much! Keep writing me, I love hearing from all of you!! You're in my prayers!!

Love always,

Elder Cutler

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