Monday, November 19, 2012

Email 11.19.12

Hey everyone!!

I cannot believe how fast time is going by. It seems like just yesterday I got my call. I coudn't really tell you what happened last week. Time blurs out here. It doesn't even seem like time. It sucks, I want it to go by slower so I can take it all in slower!!! Oh well.

This week man. So many miracles. I want to promise you all reading this that God answers prayers. He hears every single heartfelt prayer you offer up to Him. He knows your thoughts and your desires and he knows exactly what you are going through on the most personal level. Satan is trying so hard in this day and age to confuse us all and to put fear and doubt into our minds and hearts. Don't let him. Don't give him the time of the day. "Pray always, lest ye enter into temptation". Prayer is one of the many ways we can personally come to know our Heavenly Father. We need to develop a relationship with Him and understand for ourselves that He truly loves us. I can't tell you how many times The Lord has answered my prayers, and I can't tell you how many times I have expected to recieve an answer one way, and then He decided to give me an answer a completely different way. I love a quote that I heard from someone who wrote me a letter this know who you are..."God may not always answer our prayers when we want Him to, but He will never be late". How comforting, and how true. I can testify in the name of Jesus Christ that prayers are answered, every single one in God's time and in God's own ways. We have to be willing to take time to find the answer and listen. In this generation, all of our answers can be recieved by a click of  a button or by googling something. That is not how God works. You have to listen and search for it sometime, but He will always answer. He will never be late. I promise.

Oklahoma!! Good ol' Oklahoma. It is so fun out here. The people out here are a different breed (in more ways than one), they are so nice and genuine. It is pretty dang cold out here and I don't do early morning cold runs, so my hot missionary bod is suffering...oh well. Funny story, so we went tracting late friday night and we knocked on this house and this guy answered the door in cowboy boots, spurs and everything, pointing a rifle at us....lets just say, we were kinda shocked haha. He had a big ol mustache and told us to leave and that he was christian already....hahaha what a SOLID Christian hospitable greeting. :) Love these people. There are so many good times and thanksgiving is gonna be dope. I am playing soccer with all the little kids in our ward and the ones around Edmond who all are on different clubs. We will see how big it gets. I am stoked to put the good ol boots on and rep Liverpool!! ;)

Well, here's my challenge to you all. In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, I know that we do not thankour Heavenly Father enough for what He has done for all of us. Go into a quiet room by yourself when you have time and say a prayer to Him and in the prayer, do nothing but thank Him for all your thankful for. Make it heartfelt and listen as you pray, make it a conversation and I can promise you all that you will feel something amazing. It will begin to change your hearts as we are grateful to our God. Gratitude is the antidote to pride and is cultivated by prayer. Look for ways to be grateful and pray to have more gratitude and I promise you all more peace and happiness!!

I love all you guys!! Thanks for all the letters!! Remember that I love food and pictures and surprises ;) just sayinnnnn!!

Love always,

Elder Cutler

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