Monday, January 14, 2013

"You'll get lucky" - Email 1.14.13

What's going on?! You will get lucky! :) haha the quote of the week!! #goodTimes #swag

So this week was crazy!! Man I have never been more busy in my whole entire life. I can't believe how much you can fit in one day, its kinda getting ridiculously great. The Edmond 3rd ward is going to be hard to leave cause let me tell you, I love every single one of the members like they are my own family. It's truly amazing how simple and true the statement is "you love the people you serve". 

Me and Elder Byrd moved this week to a new apartment, now we're "pimpin" in a new "suite" with two bedrooms and two bathrooms...we don't even know what to do with the space or the new furniture that we got. Our last apartment was apparently the smallest in the mission according to the people in charge of housing. Missionaries had been living in it since who knows when, and it literally is the size of our closet that we have now. Don't know why i am telling you all this, but it just comes down to the fact that we are so blessed in the first place to have a place to sleep and eat and be warm and not have to worry about that. I realized this week that we really do take a lot for granted when there are people we meet out here who are not sleeping in houses or apartments...with no heat and no electricity. 

This week I have been doing alot of thinking/pondering on this one question. Why do people not accept the things that we are teaching them and why do we continue to let ourselves be distracted by the worldly things? I've realized that it is pretty simple if you think about it. 
1. We, as children of God, do not recognize our potential to "become"/ We don't truly know who we are
2. We don't understand well enough the potential we can have in our personal relationship with God

So I was thinking to myself and asking myself this question. How can I learn more about my potential and how can I make the Gospel of Jesus Christ more relevant in my life and then transform that into teaching other people? After studying Mosiah Chapters 2-5 I have come to the realization that if I
1. Recognize all the blessings in my life and express my gratitude constantly for them
2. Humble myself and submit to my Heavenly Father "just as a child submits to his father"
Then He will continue to teach me "line upon line, precept upon precept". The coolest thing is that we were created after the image of God. We look like Him, except He is a perfected being. He loves us, and He knows us personally. We can literally have a relationship with Him exactly like we have a relationship with our "earthly" father, except its better because our Father in Heaven is omniscient, ominpresent and omnipotent...enough said. I think sometimes I falsely assume that prayer is so much different from talking with my earthly dad and that I really can't have quite the personal relationship that I do with my earthly dad. Prayer is simply talking with our Heavenly Father, it is something we should look forward to doing. We must also realize that our relationship with our Father in Heaven is personalized. It is not going to be the same as someone else. That's the cool thing about it, because He knows us perfectly even though we all have our different "personalized" imperfections. How comforting.

Also, random thought, the priesthood is the authority to act in God's name and is the power whereby the Heavens were created. How dope! It is so real and if we stay worthy of it as "chosen vessels of the Lord" then we will be able to see its power as we serve others in the name of Jesus Christ! It is real! I have had the opportunity to use my priesthood and serve others. It has the power to heal "according to our faith" and I know that is true. I have seen many people healed through their faith and the priesthood power. Stay worthy of it. It's such a huge responsibility but such a huge privilege. Don't be "frivolous" about it. 

Well I love you guys! Miracles are happening in Oklahoma, but also in your everyday lives. I have a strong testimony of the power of God and the power of gratitude and humility. Be grateful and humble and you will begin to see how blessed you truly are and how indebted we are to Him. Its awesome! :)  Be happy and remember #EternalLifeOrDie #swag

Love yall,

Elder Cutler

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