Monday, January 28, 2013

Email for blog - 1.28.13

Brothas and Sistas!!

What's going on?! This guy gets to stay another transfer in the Edmond 3rd ward and he couldn't be happier!! That means I will spend 1/4 of my mission in the Edmond area and I couldn't be more blessed. The miracles we get to witness everyday in this area and this ward is so humbling! The Lord is great and He truly is standing at the head of His Church directing it through divine revelation given to a modern day prophet. That I know.

So anyways, this transfer is just about over. I have been with Elder Byrd for 6 weeks almost and so we thought that I would be leaving the area because I have been in Edmond for 5 months and that's unusual...usually (see what i did there?) haha ;). So I got a call from President Taylor on Sunday night telling me that I would be staying one more transfer in the Edmond area with Elder Byrd. We are so excited because this area and this ward is on fire and we have so much yet to accomplish. It is going to be an exciting transfer. My stomach...i mean, heart(?) is happy...haha just kidding. 

I want to tell you all about the experience we as a ward had this weekend. We were able to witness the Gauvin family be baptized. The whole family except for their 7 year old entered the waters of baptism and opened the gates to start on the path to the Celestial Kingdom. Wow! This Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is the greatest thing we can have on this earth. The knowledge that this life is not the end, is the best feeling in the world. While at the baptism, I couldn't help but picture us all as children of a loving Heavenly Father who is watching over us and giving us guidance through His spirit and angels so that we can come back to His presence someday...but only in and through Jesus Christ. How awesome is that? The spirit was there testifying to all present that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and that God so loved the world "that he gave His only begotten Son". "How great the importance to make these things know to the inhabitants of the earth".

Right after the baptism we also held a fireside. Me and Elder Byrd organized it this past transfer with the help of the ward members. We were really nervous about how it would go. This is besides the point. The point is, without going into huge detail, I have never been more tired or busy in my life as I was this transfer, but with the Lord's help if we trust Him, we can do all things if "we have faith in Christ". Sometimes we really just need to have "Jesus take the wheel"(as my girl carie underwood puts it). I can't tell you how many times I have needed to just completely go out on a limb and just hope that everything will work out. Every time I have done that, the Lord teaches me a lesson. The lesson is this. Everytime we exercise faith, we are inviting the spirit into our lives which allows for miracles to happen. I challenge you all to put yourself out of your comfort zone this week and exercise a little more faith in Christ and see the miracles that result. I promise you they will be there. :) This is the real motto "drake". If you are comfortable where you are right now, you are not growing and allowing the Lord to teach you how to be better. Get out of your comfort zones, exercise faith and let the Lord teach you how great and powerful He really is. 

I love you all!! I love this gospel!! I love being a missionary, but most importantly I love being a child of God. I have a testimony that Jesus Christ lives and has power to save us all if we continue to exercise faith in Him!! :)

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Elder Dallin Cutler

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