Monday, February 3, 2014


It is amazing how quickly the Lord can change the direction of your life for the better. The past couple of months have been really difficult and they have definitely taken a toll on me, but I feel I have learned the lessons I needed to learn and I am ready for what's next. I am grateful for how patient and merciful He has been to me. 

First news...I am getting transferred out of Shawnee and so is Elder Moore. (because he is going home. 2 years are up.) President has made some BIG changes in the mission and the Shawnee Zone will be closed down because all the districts in it are not aligned with their respective stakes. There will no longer be a Shawnee Zone. I am being transferred to Midwest City, OK where we will open up the brand new zone that is being created this next transfer. My companion will be Elder Apedaile from Morgan, Utah. He has been out a little longer than I am and it shows...he is a baller. GREAT missionary. I am so pumped.  He was the district leader in MWC the last couple of transfers so I will be training him as a Zone Leader. We have been serving around each other for our whole mission so it will be a great time. Midwest City is totally different from Shawnee. It is a fast paced city and there are some ghetto areas...its going to be a good time. I am really really excited. Here is my new address...don't be shy now ;) [8601 E. Reno Ave. Apt. #5 Midwest City, OK 73110]

Second news...I committed to play soccer for the University of San Diego in July of 2014. I talked with my mission president last Tuesday and the plans are pretty much set. I am really excited to get back on the 'pitch' ;) but I never thought that any of this would be happening. I definitely did not think I would be coming back to San Diego to live. However, I feel like this is His will for me right now. It was amazing how fast it happened and how directed by Him it was. For now at least, my departure date will be July 22, 2014. 

Now that all these decisions are made, I am excited to move forward into the next couple of months and continue the Lords work in this part of His vineyard. I will miss Shawnee so much but I will be back soon because we have 3 or 4 baptisms coming up in February. This ward has been so good to us missionaries. There is so much potential here in Shawnee. Here are some things that I have learned and pondered about during my time here in Shawnee.

1. Faith is not always knowing seeing the results, rather it is working hard because you know it's the right thing to do. Faith is trusting that behind every mortal experience we go through, there is a lesson from God to be learned. Those lessons will shape and prepare us for eternity...if we let them. 

2. Life is like a run. There is a finish line or an end goal. The love of running is what keeps us running, but when it gets hard, the vision of the finish line and reward serve as motivations for us to keep running. Many people give up when they are short of breath or tired, but the elite athletes pace their runs and take it one interval or one mile marker at a time. Sometimes in between mile markers it can be hard and monotonous, but in those times the Lord just expects us to keep running, even if you feel like nothing is happening. I felt like this many times. It was difficult to keep running, but how much sweeter was my joy when I saw that next mile marker. 

3. Listening is more important than speaking. You cannot love someone if you do not listen to them.

4. As instruments in the Lords hands, we will not always be used for what we think are the most important things in the world. We can however remember and rejoice in the fact that being used in the Lords hands for whatever His purposes may be is always important to Him. However small or menial the task may seem, it will always have eternal implications that we will not always see. This is true humility. 

These are some of my thoughts. I hope you all are having a great day and a great week!! The Lord is with us daily. Take time to notice Him. Serve others and you will be happy. 


Elder Dallin Cutler

p.s it is still freezing here.

In the snow yesterday. So coooolllld!! 

This is Claude. He is a recent convert here in Shawnee. Such a great guy

This family is legit. Gina, Aaron, Forest, A.J and Cody. We found them miraculously by knocking doors. All were members except Forrest. I will miss em. 

Last night. The Seahawks won. Elder moore was pumped. we celebrated.

From left to Right: Elder Jenkins, Elder Watkins, Me. They are the other elders in our ward. Gonna miss em.

call in reports this morning. 

Calm picture with the elders

Had to upload this planner cover. I thought it was dope. Elder Watkins made it for me. 

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