Monday, February 10, 2014

Midwest City

Hey everyone!
Night and day difference between Shawnee and Midwest City. Shawnee is so laid back and slow, and Midwest City has a big city feel about it and is so alive. It is right next to a big military base, so basically, its fast paced, young, exciting, and busy. I love it.
The ward here is so great. We sat in ward correlation this past week and everything that was talked about was eventually put into action within the next couple of days. Things just get done quickly in the ward and there is a sense of urgency about the gospel. I am so excited to be here...its very possible that this will be my last area in the mission. Crazy to think about.
Well, I don't have alot of time here in the library so I will keep it pretty short.
We had a great week this week. We have started waking up at 6am every morning and working out at a gym. We then drive back and get to studies and go out the rest of the day.
 It has been absolutely freezing in Oklahoma. It's a different kind of cold out here especially with the wind, and humidity. No matter what you wear, the cold just cuts right into you. It makes it hard to smile when your outside because your face is numb. You feeldumb when you try and smile because of the numbness.
We will be going back for another baptism in Shawnee this weekend. A man that elder moore and I were teaching is getting baptized and before I left he asked if I would do it. His name is Terry. That should be exciting and then probably the next couple of weeks, we will have two more in Shawnee for ladies named Mary Ann and Dee that I will go back for. Its always fun to go back into old areas and reunite with the people you grew to love so much.
This week the Lord has been instilling into my mind and heart the importance of being under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Doctrine and Covenants section 45 verses 56 and 57 have been on my mind for a long time. The fundemental warning contained in these verses is that only those who have taken the Holy Spirit as their guide in the last day will abide the prescence of the Lord when He comes again. There is so much deception out there, and so many distractions. It is so, so important to rid our lives of anything that is "ungodly", impure, or that will detract from our capacity to be under the penetrating and vibrating influence of the Spirit of God. Music, movies, pictures, language, thoughts...all these things can be so dangerous. It is not and will never be worth it in the end. We must repent and GO to Christ in every situation that we encounter. Then we will increase in ability to be guided and influenced by the Holy Ghost.
Take care of yourselves and be happy. Compel yourself to do something this week that you would rather not. There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone. Take time to serve someone else out of a pure desire to love. I promise if you will pray, God will give you the opportunity.
Love you,
Elder Dallin Cutler

The Towers!! Retirement home. We sang Gospel Music every tuesday night with a bunch of "senior citizens" fun!!!

Our ward mission leader in shawnee. ballllerrrrrr

Paris is the little girl. Definitely my favorite girl in shawnee hahah so legit

classic cowboys. This is bro ingram from shawnee. He's dope

this is terry. He is getting baptized this saturday.

This guy is a baptist preacher named Joe. I have never had more grief from anyone in my life than this man. I love him to death. He was the first guy I met in shawnee and we said a prayer with him after our little "lesson" (more like a bash) and I said the prayer. He critiqued the HECK out of my prayer afterwards. hahaha he knows his bible, but we will always agree to disagree.

This is Laverne and Brother Loefehollz. We found and were teaching Laverne before I left. She reminded me of Grandma Ross. She is a wonderful lady grandma :)

Paris again. She and her mom and her grandma, were so freakin awesome. I loved their dog….

This is TimMcCrory. He's pretty tall. Really great guy. helped us with appointments alot. His mom is a sweetheart.

some of the other young women

This family is awesome!! The Miner family!!

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