Monday, December 16, 2013

The lesson is inside the learner....

What a wonderful week it was. The simple reminders from the Lord in our lives make all the difference in the world. When we lose ourself in the service of our God, we will be happy. When our motives are pure and driven by love, we will be filled with joy. It just requires a little bit of humility and faith. This week went by so fast and was filled with miracles. We have "obtainied our errand from the Lord" (Jacob2) and have set goals to accomplish our vision in this area. Not to mention, me and Elder Moore found out yesterday that we are staying together for his last transfer. I am pretty excited, we are having a lot of fun.
I have been thinking alot about the way our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ teach us this week. They teach us by letting us experience life and then uncovering the lesson that is already inside the learner through the Spirit. As teachers, are job is to help people uncover the lesson that they already know. We are comprised of two entities....a tabernacle of flesh and a spirit. Our Spirit is eons and eons old and already has divine legacies and attributes that have been developed and engrained in the pre-earth life. Everyone on this earth chose to exercise faith in Jesus Christ by choosing to accept our Fathers plan. We all have faith. Faith drives everything we do and at one point we all exercised faith in Jesus Christ. However, in a life full of distractions, sometimes our faith and the lessons to be learned just need to be uncovered and recognized. Life has NEVER been a question of having enough faith it has only been a test of who or what we will put our faith in, to accomplish our divine purposes and overscome the challenges we face everyday. Some of us just don't truly remember or comprehend who our Savior is and what He has the power to do so it is more comfortable for us to put our faith and trust and purposes into money, time, sports, jobs, friends and other things that eventually will fade away with our mortal tabernacles. Those things are not eternal and they will never last. Having a hope in and a firm faith in Jesus Christ will at least allow us to be hopeful for a brighter future "yea even a place on the right hand of God" (Ether 12:4) where we can rest from all our present cares and "hopefully" be with the ones we love forever. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that lesson that is already within us. That is what our Heavenly Father lovingly does each time He puts a trial in our life. He hopes that we will get the point, humble ourselves and just trust Him.
The work is going great. We are loving the people, working hard and being obedient. We are seeing amazing miracles happening. They do exist. This week, be a little more like a child. Be more humble. Be more hopeful. Be more believing. Be more trusting. Be more forgiving. ...."for of such is the Kingdom of God" (3 Nephi 9:22). As we become more like a little child we will begin to feel in greater protions that divine and unconditional love that our Savior has to offer to each one of His "little Children".
I love you all. Be happy!!!
Elder Dallin Cutler

Elder Watkins. the man.

oh yes i did. Mom whosever idea that was deserves a ribbon. <3

we're in oklahoma...aint nobody got time for liberals here.... classic conservative oklahoma

the orgills hooked it UP with a DOPE christmas skinny. #SkinnyGangOrDie

nightly planning sessions. Aint nobody got time for that.

this is the best picture of the year. NO ONE has been able to get elder moore to eat a PB and J sandwhich. Well I let him borrow my bike on an exchange and he called me later that night and said it got stolen. So this is payback. History was made. First PB&J Sandwhich of his LIFE!

I forgot to show yall my dope planner. Thanks to my last companion who is a genius artist. designed and [painted my planner. so legit.

Daily practice. #Tiger

Elder Bushman last night. Right as i was about to tickle fight him.

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