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Email - 9.24.12

Hey Everyone!!

So today is Monday the 24th and I leave for Oklahoma City tomorrow!! Dope!! I can't wait to get out in the mission field and begin to serve the Lord out there. It's going to be such a good experience and although it's going to be difficult more times than not, I know my Heavenly Father "gives no commandment save he shall prepare a way for His children to accomplish it" or something like that.... :) So yeah, any letters or packages that were going to be sent to the MTC, please forward them to the Mission Home until I can give you all my permanent address in Oklahoma City. First of all, thank you so much for all the love!! I am so grateful for everyone who has taken time to write me and send me packages. I love to see that you are all so happy!! Especially my mom, kara, Desirae,  the Nymans, and the Malmstroms. Your packages made my day!!! I love the food, although you all are gonna make me so fat!! ;) NAHHHT. And by the way, mom, whoever made those cookies in your package should be exalted immediatly, seriously. Best cookies ever. Ate them in 20 minutes with my companions. So once again, thanks for all the letters, you all are amazing and I pray for you individually on a daily basis. Love you all!!

So my heart is filled with even more excitement and joy and love than before. It just gets better and better the more opportunities I have to serve and lose myself in the service of my God. I have a GREAT story to tell you all. First of all, don't you ever forget that God is a God of miracles. He always has been and always will be. I am seeing them everyday but I want you to tell you about a certain one that is dear to my heart that happened in the course of two days starting on friday and ending on saturday night. Here it goes...

I don't know if i told you this but I was made district leader and so I have a responsibility to interview my members on a regular basis. I love doing it cause I learn so much about them and learn to love them in their individual ways. This on elder had been struggling in our district and as about to go home for reasons I won't specify. He was struggling with some things other than worthiness issues. He was having a hard time. He would never open up to me. He would always tell me he'd be fine even when I asked if he wanted a blessing. I made him my project I guess you could say because he doesnt realize the love heavenly father has for him. He is SUCH an amazing kid. So anyways, Friday night I went up to talk to Seth, but had the impression to walk back down the stairs and go interview my district even though I was going to do it Saturday. I ignored it and kept walking but then had it again. So I turned around and walked back the stairs to my room to start interviewing Elder White. The impression came again, "go interview (this elder who wants to go home) now". So I turned around again and grabbed him and asked if we could go talk. Long story short, the spirit took over. I said things that I wasnt planning on saying and he FINALLY BROKE!! God answered my prayer, and the holy ghost gave me the exact things I needed to say. We talked for 30 minutes til we had to go to bed and then he asked me for a blessing tearing up. I said we would do it tomorrow. I got back into my room and thanked my Heavenly Father with all my heart. I was so excited for this Elder. I knelt down and began a fast with my companion for this elder so that he would be able to feel comforted and know what he was supposed to do and so that I would know what Heavenly Father wanted me to say in the blessing. So next day came, saturday, and we fasted all day until we gave him a blessing. 

I pulled him out of the room and asked if he wanted to do it now. He said yes. I asked if the other elders could join in another room so there would be more faith. He said yes. Going into that room I felt the power of the Spirit in me unlike ever before. We got into the room and I asked if we could say a prayer. In the prayer I simply asked that Heavenly Father's spirit would be there and that angels would attend each of us. After, he sat down and we laid our hands on his head and I gave him a blessing. Let me tell you that I know that the priesthood power is real. The spirit of God is real. Angels are REAL. They had their hands on my shoulders as we stood in the circle. The blessing lasted about 15 minutes and we were all in tears after. I know that there were angels inside the room. There were other hands on this elders head other than ours. Miracles do happen. They require the strongest faith and the spirit must be present. This certain elder got up and gave us the biggest hug and told us he knew he needed to stay and that he felt a comfort and peace unlike anything other. Miracles do happen. Pray to your Heavenly Father, he answers prayers. He LOVES us. He loves you INDIVIDUALLY and very PERSONALLY. Believe it!! Jesus Christ died on the cross for not just our sins, but all of our lonliness and sadness. Please, please please find out for yourselves. The love of God and Jesus Christ is the BEST feeling in the world. Serve them!! Follow them!! obey them!! Choose the right!!! I can't even put in words how important it is!!! 

Anyways, everything's going great!! I have so much other things to tell but my 30 minutes is up. Gotta get back to work ;). Please keep me in your prayers, haha I have to get rid of this sickness. I have had walking phnemonia and now I have bronchitis. I'm slowly dying, but I have never felt more happy or at peace in my life. Then again, it's not about me. Return with honor. Choose the right. Read the Book of MOrmon and do whatever it takes young men to get clean and stay pure so that you can use your priesthood power that God has given you and serve missions someday. Do WHATEVER IT TAKES. (Young men and anyone else reading this, go watch "Stay within the Lines" by elder holland on youtube in mormon messages. now.)

Love you all. 

Write back!!

Elder Cutler

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